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So season 2 was left off with Bill being kidnapped by someone unknown!

First of all, when the kidnapper took silver to Bill's throat, they were wearing gloves.

So that means the kidnapper was a vampire.

I think it could be Eric or Lorena

Eric: The queen told him to get rid of Bill and he said he would do it himself, but that's all the evidence against him

Lorena: When Bill told her that she was dead to him she said that she wish he wouldn't have said that. Also in the 3rd book of the Sookie Stackhouse novels (SPOILER), Lorena seduced Bill into leaving Sookie. Then (SPOILER) she tortured him.

So I believe that Lorena was the one who kidnapped Bill at the end of season 2!

What are your thoughts?

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I HOPE Eric kidnapped that retarded piece of shit and cut his small nuts off! 

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I hate Bill!


I hope he dies!!!

I heard he turns out to be a major douche in the books!

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LOL. Oh come on, why do people hate Bill when I love him so much? I dont understand. I heard he turns into an ass in the books as well. If so, I will hate him when the time comes. As yet, I still am very committed to my second favorite vampire. The first one being Katherine from The Vampire Diaries. Anyway the guy knows how to fill jeans. Hehehe. As for who took him, I think it is Eric but would the writers really make it that obvious? I think they made Eric say that in order to lead us to think Eric took him so thats in even bigger surprise when we do find out.
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i don't like bill, so.... yeah

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