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So what I get from this is that Elena was ALWAYS boring? Yes, jer, she is okay, miss fail-doctor fed her some blood. GOds into what a wusss did they turn meredith into... Yep elena was always boring and annoying and bland it seems. Its nto just car crash psychic trauma. and here comes the pope of church of Elena, ELIJAH! boring twilight romanc emoments, meh yep elena was FUCKING BORING just as she is now. oh people will be pissed in this forum :) okay this is fucking trainwreck. good  bye show.
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I have got to lol at the episode. 




Flashbacks were BORING. and pointless. Just proved that elena always was a cardboard with no personality or life.

Turning was emotionless and forced. Still loling that they used it as cliffhanger.

Klaus in Tyler is just....fucking trainwreck, thats all. Sorry show, you do not do that to my forwood.

Bonnie is annoying lame girl.


I WILL NOT miss this show at all.  

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Also Decision schmecision. Solved nothing. 

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OVerall this has to be worse than S2 finale lol 

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I do wonder on just how fucking worse can this show go from here. 


Some people won't be happy with the fact that jospeh morgan is gone from the show :) 

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she's a vampire,I knew it!and it would be Damon's blood...and she would fill that she is sired to him....ah,I hate it!

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I hats that they ruin Forwood for me. Then, I choose Stefan because I met him first. This episode was boring and the only great thing was the music.
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Okay this was a hilarious trainwreck.

I did not think it was possible but they managed to make even worse episode than previous finale, than whole sacrifice story, than Ghost World, than all bad parts of S3 merged together.  The episode has hit all the wrong notes. It did nothing for Elena's character and flashbacks were pointless - they gave us nothing interesting and Elena remains boring and character-less EVEN in flashbacks so one can't just pass it to "post traumatic stress disorder" anymore. She was always bella swan. Klaus in Tyler body was just LOL. Out of nowhere, just like a lot of things this season. The "romance" scene with steffie was emotionless and bland and felt like something out of twilight. Same with Damon phonecall.  Turning gave no emotions to the viewer. NO reason to care about Elena or well, anything on what she is. BOORING. We have no reason to care about her loss of normal life, because her normal life development has complexity of first grader's math homework.  The only question remains is - HOW WORSE can this show get next season? I for one, am fed up with this already and won't be back.  Overall this show had a  LOT of potential, but after first season writers just lost their way and started to do nonsense. The show completely went off any sensible direction right after Masquerade, with them having put Katherine in a tomb.  Season two sacrifice story was horrible. Elena characterization was a pure mary sue stuff of nightmares, she did not react to anything and the show established that death means nothing. A lot of us hoped that after horrible finale something would change - steffie was supposedly bad and all that stuff and "nothing was the same" ...sadly S3 was worse. The show managed to waste all the "twists" of S2 finale, making the main trio even more unlikeable and bland, wasted perfect good villain, Klaus turning him into wussy and introduced a bunch of characterless "originals". Whats worse, S3 had absolutely no direction. Every episode we would return to exact same point of story, bringing nothing new to the table. TVD was a headless chicken, running around the farm in all directions and bumping into the walls. 


But FInale...finale was a failure of NBC's HEROES level.  Overall looking back, I still question on why the hell did they not turn Elena in the end of season one? Because ultimately both S2 and S3 were entirely pointless downward ride towards mediocrity till the point when show was not even enjoyable as trainwreck.  Had she turned then, before her character degraded and we had thousands of other turnings, it might have been interesting? Now? Sorry show, too little too late. You just proved with this episode that you do not know how to handle your own characters.  Overall I will certainly won't miss this show at all and the only regret is that i got out of it way too late, with memories of the GOOD QUALITY TVD stained by most of S3 mediocrity. 
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so basically most of the episode was Elena telling her ex-boyfriend how she can't decide between Stefan and Damon. there was a COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY FORCED where Damon meets Elena first. Matt died I guess?? Klaus is inside Tyler now - biggest bullshit fuckin Plec has pulled all season (and that includes "Ghost World"). hey, Julie! here's an idea: make Tyler have a british accent too! that will make it even more amazing!!

the only bit I likes this entire episode was when Damon saved Rebekah and told her to run. this lasted, what? like 10 sec?

oh, and don't forget how Elena was ranting about how much of a party girl and wild animal she used to be. we TOTALLY saw that!

and I had to watch all this trainwreck loading incredibly slow and stopping every half phrase to buffer.

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Poor uncle John...he has died for nothing as everybody who died for Elena cause she turned into a vampire eventually... Great
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