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Hey guys! 


The title of the thread says it all really. I was just wondering who you thought the best actor on the show was. I personally think we have a pretty talented cast, but for me anyway, there are some actors who are just a bit better than others. 

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Candice, no doubts about it. Others pale in comparison to her, sadly Caroline is WAY too underused. She should have more scenes.

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my baby


and candice

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Tough question. 

Ian is a great actor. I may not be a massive fan of the character Damon, but Ian is still a magnificant actor nevertheless. I love the fact that he is able to convey so much emotion in his eyes alone. In my opinion, he was particularly awesome when he was playing the "douche who doesn't care" Damon. And yet, he was able to have beats of vulnrability so that you can sympathise with his character. He was great in the season 2 scenes too. I know some people (myself inculded) did not like the Damon is crying and throwing a tantrum scenes, but you could never fault Ian's acting in those scenes. He remained to be brilliant. 

Nina is awesome. In my opinion she has the hardest job of all them, having to portray two completely polar opposite characters, yet she manages to do it flawlessly. To this day, I think her best performance was 2x01, "The Return." The simple fact that she was able to enter a room, and you knew straight away which character she was just by the basic mannerisms and expressions without her saying a word of dialouge? Awesome. I think, for me anyway, it is when an actor uses little gestures or small added characteristics that you know you have an actor and not a pretty face reading lines of a sheet. 

Candice in my opinion, has the best variety. She has it all really, she has the best comedic timing on the show, and yet she can also bring some of the most emotionally charged scenes on the show to date. She can literally go from laughing to tears in a matter of seconds (see 2x21). Honestly to this day, I believe if they had gotten another actor to play Caroline, the character would either be dead by now, or still a one demenional bitch. Kevin Williamson said himself, Caroline was meant to be a mean popular girl, but when they casted Candice, they (probably meaning him) wanted to add more to the character because she was so amazing at it. It is because she is so diverse, and she can literally make a character that everyone was supposed to hate to a fanfavourite makes her one of my favourite TV females actresses right now. 

I also think Michael Trevino is really underrated. His work in 2x11 was nothing short of flawless. The fact that he had to just kind of lay there and scream, even though technically nothing was happening to him, yet his performance made you cringe in fear is just proof of his talents. It was either Kevin or Julie (I forget which), that pretty much confirmed that Michael was one of the more well trained actors on the show. 

And although they are all amazing, I have to say, I think the best is Paul Wesley. I say this because I have seen him in so many shows prior to Vampire Diaries, and I can promise you, with each show he has been on, he always plays a new character. I was actually shocked to see him as a good guy on TVD, seeing in so many of his roles he has been a villian (and a convincing one at that). Hell, just the other night I saw him on CSI I am pretty sure it was and I was absolutely blown away. Particularly in the scene at the end in which he has a gun held to himself while in the middle of having a literal break down. He is extremely talented and even though Stefan gets a lot of hate, Paul does an outstanding job with what he gets. Best actor on the show in my opinion, with Candice a close second :)

But obviously from my above paragraphs, the entire cast is awesome. Although, I do have to say, I am still yet to be completely impressed with Steven and Zach unfortunately. Kat doesn't get much material to work with so I am yet to be WOW'd by her, but I think that is more the writers fault than anything.  

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I'm going to say Ian...because even though I love all his scenes and I love funny cocky Damon. For me, his best scenes are his emotional scenes, and the way Damon without saying anything can show so much pain on his face, so much pain in his just makes me cry everytime. Those are my favorite Damon scenes, and my favorite scenes on the for me Ian...but they are all talented! And I love them all! 

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I would have to say Ian, too for all the reasons @TeamDamon4ever said.

Joseph is also amazing! He never stops to surprise me! At first I thought that he wouldn't be good as Klaus, but now I can't imagine anyone else being a better Klaus.

Candice is GREAT! I mean the way she changed when she became a vampire, I couldn't even believe it! I couldn't believe how she turned this stupid little girl from season 1 into this badass awesome vampire in season 2, but she still is herself. She didn't change completely. She is just great!

Nina is good, too! The fact that even without noticing the hair or the make-up, you can tell when it's Elena and when it's Katherine, is amazing! You can totally tell just by looking at her face.

And don't forget Paul! I think he's really good! He doesn't get much credit and I don't like that. I think he's the perfect Stefan.

But, like I said, Ian is the best for me for soooooo many reasons! 

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Ian hands down.

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Although I'm not a huge fan of his character (until now at least), Paul is amazing at portraying both brooding Stefan and arrogant Rippah. I was impressed in the last episode because until he turned it off, we still hadn't seen the dark side of him to its fullest and suddenly he turns into this new and exciting Stefan. great job, really!

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I love Ian's portrayal of Damon the best on the show, so I'll go with him.
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Nina dobrev!even though i don't like her that much,bt she's the best,she can act both good nd bad sides perfectly,followed by my ripper nd damon.They r gud too.
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