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So, which shows are the best tv shows of all time in your opinion? You can say as many as you want and the ones you say don't have to be over. For example, you can say TVD. Also, you can explain why you think these shows are the best but it's not necessary.

Ok, I'll go first.

In my opinion, the best tv show of all time is Friends. This show lasted 10 seasons and every season was better than all the others. And it could have had 10 more seasons and be as good. It never failed making me laugh my ass off. Whenever i'm sad i watch a few episodes of Friends and they cheer me up in no time. Also, I love it because it shows how important friendship is and  it shows people dealing with everyday problems always in a funny way.

Then, in no particular order, i would have to say Charmed, TVD and Glee.

I also loved the 2 first seasons of Gossip Girl but now i don't like it that much. I still watch it, but it's not the same.

P.S. I forgot to mention that when i say which tv shows are the vest tv shows in your opinion, i mean which tv shows you love the most. Because, you may think that the show A, for example, is better than the show B, but you love B more.

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I agree... Friends is the best tv show ever!!!! I love cheers me up whenever I'm makes me even more happy whenever I'm a show that I can watch over and over again and I never get bored!!! I know nearly all the dialogue..and I just sit there watching it and talking and saying the same the thing they say...that's how many times I've watched it... I love it!!!! It's my favorite show ever!!!! I love watching Chandler....he's my favorite and he always makes me laugh!!!!

Charmed is another show that I love and is one of the best shows ever...I love everything about's a show that makes me laugh and's amazing...I can watch it over and over again and never get bored....

TVD, obviously is another show that I love....I love every minute of it...cause I we never know what's gonna can make you laugh, cry and shock you all at the same time...and it has loads of hot guys...haha Watching Damon cheers me up anytime I need cheering up...

Gilmore Girls is also another show that I think is the best....I love the mother and daughther relationship they have....I love the show because all the characters have a weird side...or maybe I just find them weird...haha

I loved the first five seasons of Grey's Anatomy....but since Izzie and George left it's just not been the same...I think it's just got to many characters and that's it's hard for so many to have a storyline...

I love Private Practice, I love how there aren't many it's easier to have great storylines...I loved the last two seasons more that the first two... Violet's storyline I love...but my favorite is Charlotte's storyline this season...she was amazing!!! Besides the show has a lot of cool cases...

I never saw Alias completely....but I loved everything I saw about it....

I love Brothers & Sisters...I think it's the perfect family show...I hate that it got cancelled!!!! I loved it...because it's the family I want...I've always loved big families...

I love Desperate's's's shocking...

The Big Bang Theory...I think it's one of the funniest shows ever....I love it!!!!

I've just started watching Supernatural....but I do think that it's one of the best shows ever!!!!

Love Gossip Girl!!!! It's amazing...the first two seasons were the best....but I still love everything about it!!!!

Nikita...I love's's's's's has everything I love about a show...

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@Teamdamon4ever i forgot to say Grey's anatomy. i love it, too. it's a great show.

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Got to agree - Friends is definately one of the best. I've seen every episode feels like a million times and they still make me laugh. Still, my absolute all time favourite is Buffy. It was drama, supernatural, sci-fi, comedy, romance - pretty much every genre except western lol. The character development was amazing and the plot didn't go downhill with time like it is on Gossip Girl. Mostly, I love its feminism, right from the very first scene with Darla, and how it wasn't afraid to push boundaries (eg. Buffy and Spike in Season 6 and Willow and Kennedy's sex scene in Season 7). Apart from those two, I love TVD obviously, Charmed and the first season of The OC. I also think The Good Wife is one of the best shows on TV atm.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer - that show will FOREVER  stay in the top. Its just not possible to get better than it was. It was fun, it was twisty, it was twisted, it knew how to get really REALLY  depressing, it was deep and it had the most developed main characters out of entire tv history. We literally saw 7-8 lives of these people, the events and tragedies that surround the town and their lives and how it all changed and affected them, for better or (For most of cases) for worse. It was also cruel show - no one was ever safe from getting killed in most cruel and sudden ways. And it also surely did NOT fear to dirty up the main character.  La Femme Nikita - That was one hell of amazing show that set the standard for spy movies and stylish stuff and everything and everyone(*cough*Alias*cough*) tried to copy that style, that atmosphere, that intensity. Twin Peaks - I think the show speaks for itself. It was genial work that was most lkely created in the mind of  madman. Veronica Mars - At first I was surprised on how grown-up and deep can a supposed "teen drama" be. For one you have a main character who undergoes a lot of changes and is dealing with stuff like getting raped in BEFORE the first episode. Then you have social commentary, mafia, ongoing misteries, crime and a very badass lead female.  Dead Zone - A classic. No show has ever topped the mystical atmosphere and intense cliffhangers that show provided. And it had completely no moral scale. Some revelations would make the viewer doubt the main character's purpose - is he here to stop the thngs that will destroy the world, or is he actually the cause of it?


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Red Dawn
I would go with in no order Seinfeld, Supernatural, Dark Angel, Stargate SG-1 and Rome.
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1) the O.C.

2) Stargate

3) Supernatural

4) Gossip Girl

5) The Vampire Diaries

6) Warehouse 13

7) Sanctuary 

8) Arrested Development

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1.The Vampire Diaries


3.Buffy the Vampire Slayer


5.The X Files

6.Stargate SG-1


9.Le femme Nikita


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Mrs Elijah Smith
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desperate housewives


true blood

the good wife

the vampire diaries

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definitely Friends! there's a reason I still laugh with the dialogues even after all these years of repeatedly re-watching it.

Charmed, even though it started its downfall when Prue died.

The O.C. but only the first 2 seasons - after that it didn't really feel like the same old O.C.

House M.D. and the first 2 seasons of Gossip Girl.

I was obsessed with Lost during seasons 1-3 but after that I watched it only because I wanted to see where it was going.

I haven't watched all episodes of The X-Files and Californication but from what I've seen they're pretty damn good shows.

and I'm sure that after a decade we'll remember TVD as one of the best TV shows ever!!!

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