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Loved this episode too, not one of my favorites so far but i still loved it :)Rick & damon, Jer & anna :) Pearl & harper's death was a shocker! and Isobel's return/arrival! :)

Was wonderin if anyone know the two songs that played when Jeremy & Anna kiss outside of school, and the song that played when Jer & Anna were in his room together.. ??? Tried googling the snippets of lyrics that i caught and checking various music guides to this episode, but not found the songs =/

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i swear this show couldnt get more epic i love this show webclips were so great love delena alll the way

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I loved this episode. I'm glad that Stefan is back, making me ship Stelena again ! They're are so cute..

And I hate John, like sexywick is the WNTFW  said, Damon runs this town.

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Great episode I love it.

I really love more and more Damon and Elena.



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