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Hey guys. I'm not a person that you would consider a cry baby  but there are some movies that cause my tear glands to get overpowered from time to time. I just (like 5 mins ago) finished watching Apollo 13 for the very first time (i know, took me long enough) and i've been shedding like Justin Timberlake in my dorm. So, since you guys are some of my BESTIES , i decided to get personal and share with you some of my biggest tear jerkers, in no particular order:

1. Titanic                                   6. The Thin Red Line

2. Gladiator                                7. The Patriot

3. Pearl Harbor                           8. Armageddon

4. The Notebook                         9. Braveheart

5. Passion of the Christ               10. Moulin Rouge

Honorable mentions go out to "The Lion King" "The Green Mile" "The Color Purple" and "Shawshank Redemption". This list is BY NO MEANS complete. I've watched a lot of movies and i know i'm leaving some out but i'm sure there are a lot out there that i haven't seen that you guys can help me out with (what can i say, i feel like crying for a couple of days). So please, lets all share the movies that make us feel all sappy and emotional and menstrual..... you get the picture.


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1.Hachiko:A dog's story

2.The Notebook

3.P.S:I love you

4.The Pianist


I've put them in an order..One is I've crued my a** out and five is I cried normally haha

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I don't really have a list, but i cry a lot watching movies haha i'm a emotional person. But i definitly agree with ' The Green Mile ' omg that movie is painfull to watch, i cried my eyes out.
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Titanic Dances with Wolves Legends of the Fall Gladiator


Those are on the top of my mind of the movies i felt most sad watching.

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Titanic The Notebook Blood Diamond Slumdog Millionaire Gone With The Wind Gladiator Moulin Rouge Revolutionary Road Seven Trainspotting The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button


and many others. i don't know why but it's easy for me to cry when i watch sad movies.

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Sadly...I never cried with Titanic...I must be the only one....haha

Stepmom Marley and Me A Walk To Remember The Family Stone The Notebook I'm not proud of this....but I cried with Toy Story 3...haha It's just like the ending of my childhood... The Pursuit Of Happyness Uncross The Stars Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (Siruis' death made me cry) Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1....and I just know that Part 2 is gonna have me crying rivers!!!!!

And more but I can't think of anymore...

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@teamdamon4ever The pursuit of happiness, that's a sad movie with a happy end. i totally loved it. and i cried like a baby while watching Marley and me. i never thought i would cry for a dog movie.

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@Stavroula...neither did I....but it reminded me of when my dog Rocky died....Marley was a lot like my Rocky!!!! 

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The Notebook Moulin Rouge Brokeback Mountain A Walk To Remember

In Titanic, when he dies, I always feel like I should cry but I can never help laughing. He just looks so funny, sinking all frozen up.

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I cry at to many movies to list them all, haha! :)

My favourite is the Notebook though

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