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I don't ever wanna see Bonnie and Damon together, I don't see any chemistry at all between them.

That's a kind of premature statement. The only scenes we had with Damon and Bonnie consisted of him antagonizing her to the point of her being fearful of her life. Unless she's the biggest masochist to have ever been written, of course they wouldn't have 'chemistry' and to be honest, I'm not really sure why you were even looking for it. I figure you had to in order to deem that they have none.


I think given the right situation, where Bonnie would either succumb to the darkside or be forced to look at Damon in another light, the pairing of Bamon could be really great. There's been countless of other supernatural/vampire themed shows where greatest enemies have became the greatest lovers and I don't see why Bamon can't be any different. It just depends on the situation and the writing but I believe it could work and of course it will be epic.

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I'm new to the Vampire Diaries. Does anyone know what episodes Damon/Bonnie have scenes?

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