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Oh! my lovely Damon,how i love you.Words can't express how much i love this man!!!BUT AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS THAT ELENA IS GOING TO BE SO MAD AT DAMON FOR ERASING HER MEMORY?????I DON'T KNOW I JUST HAVE THE FEELING DEEP INSIDE....what do you think???

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ME TOO! OMG I have ALWAYS been obsessed with Damon, right from the beginning, i even put that last scene where he confesses his love to her on my ipod ahahaha! I CRIED OVER AND OVER AGAIN. WORDS CANT DESCRIBE HOW MUCH I LOVE HIM AHH!! dammit elena, i hope she remembers at some point :( SHE NEEDS TO BE WITH HIM!! poor damon awww..


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She must have some feeling deep inside <3

When she huged Stefan I almost cry :(( but she say thx Damon

I hope we can see them like couple

I loveeeeeee Damonnnn <3 <3

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I love him, I love him, I love him, I love him, I love him, I love him, I love him, I love him, I love him!!!!!!!!!!! He's the best bad/good guy I've ever seen on a Tv Show and Movie. Before I thought the best was Cole Turner on Charmed, but he doesn't even get close to how awesome Damon Salvatore is!!!! I absolutely love him!!!!!! There is nothing bad that he could do that would seriously make me hate him!!!!! Even if he got himself killed or killed everybody, I don't care. I would have hated anybody else if they had killed Bree, Lexie and Mason but because he did it I love him even more!!!!!! He's so hot!!!!!!!!!!!

Damon Salvatore has compelled me to love him!!!!!!!

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Yes,i think Elena is gonna start feeling like she's forgotten something.I can't wait to see how that goes down!YAY! 

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Four words;

Damon...? Or Oh, Damn...?

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Damon...? Or Oh, Damn...?

You really outdid yourself there. Man that were some deep thoughts. Thanks for contributing.

I will just go ahead and make everyone think I am a robot but I didn't really feel anything throughout the whole Damon "I love you, Elena." scene.

I mean I felt kinda sorry for him.

But that was about it.


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OMG! after this episode I am more in love with him than ever..I admit I had fallen out of love with him due to him coldly killing my other love, hot Mason. However, it is back and stronger than ever. I felt so bad for him, Elena is a damn fool if she doesn't go after her. It's a pity he erased her memory and she was to shocked to stop him, she should have given him a kiss! that scene where she hugged Stefan because he got in the middle also made me tearful, at least she kept looking at him and thanked him, finally some recognition! But he deserves so much more!

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I like Damon and all, but IDK, I don't really worship the ground he walks on or anything. He's alright, but I wasn't deeply moved by the end scene as everyone else was.

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@dairlove U WEREN'T MOVED BY THE SCENE???ARE YOU A ROBOT OR SOMETHING.LMAO.(btw am joking) but that scene was the most emotional scene in the history of tv besides the scenes from Indecent Proposal

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