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so, I watched TVD live for the very first time (man, there was an ad every 5min!!) and can I just say WOW?!

Klaroline couldn't have been treated better IMAO. Caroline stayed true to what she believed in, she was straight forward and stood out for Tyler. and I loved how Klaus was more than honest about his feelings for her - he liked the girl, he just admitted it. and at the end he appreciated her honesty. I really hope those 2 get more involved in the upcoming episodes. the chemistry is obvious and I was even more excited with their scenes than I was with Forwood. I know Klaus is the bad guy, tried to kill her friends, etc. but this ship is simply beautiful.

Elena was a... how do I put this nicely? a two-faced backstabbing bitch! Damon was trying to protect her, she went on with her plan anyway, had his own brother snap his neck and, to top all that, she basically told him it's his fault he loves her cuz it contradicts with her master plan of getting killed. not to mention her lying to Elijah - one of the few people who've been honest with her.

there was a spark between Rebekah and Matt and I have a feeling Mr. Cardboard might even get interesting (or killed). but, honestly, how sweet he was with her? I was impressed.

Kol is my new favourite Original: sexy, narcissistic, dark and naughty. what more can you ask from a vampire?

as for the mother of the year... I don't like Esther. they're her children for god's sake. and why is Finn ok with her plan anyway?

and of course there was the steamy Damon/Rebekah scene! epic! I'm glad he didn't sleep with Katherine.

overall, I think it was a great episode. what did u guys think?

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Yea elenas a bitch can't stand her anymore and as for klaus and car I love them so much it was great.that car was still her self and I loved the picture at the end. Lol I love klaus elijah and bex so much!!! I just love the originals except for esther if she she kills them I will be super pissed!! I don't like that elijah is gonna have a thing for elena she's not that great..I think car is much better lol Matt wasnt super boring this ep ha as for the promo nxt week I looks pretty good I hope they don't dagger elijah again and I wanna see elenas reaction to damon and bex
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I loved this episode! Number one, everyone looked AMAZING! I loved all of the dresses and I totally have a weakness for men in tuxes :p

I really enjoyed the Klaus/Caroline scenes although I hope Klaus doesn't become a total wimp now.Elena is so much like Katherine that it isn't funny, but of course no one will call her out on it. I can't believe she sold Elijah (and everyone else. Elijah's just my favorite) out and lied right to his face. She deserves whatever comes to her next week.

As much as I love(d) Katherine, I'm glad it wasn't her that Damon hooked up with. The Damon/Rebekah scene was totally hot and it was nice to see Damon acting a little more Damon-ish again.

I think this was one of the best episodes in a long time and I am intrigued to see what's going to happen next week.

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What was awesome in 3x14

- Kol Kol Kol Kol Kol. his smiles/smirks are uuuuuhhh. i enjoy every damn scene with him

- Damon kind of being a little bit of old Damon in the end of episode. otherwise version of I.LOVE.ELENA Damon is lame

- They all looked lovely in formal clothes :D

- FORWOOD phone calls. maaan, it was only a phone call but it was so cute. the short moment of those phone calls made me more aawww than the entire scenes of Klaroline. 

- Screwing Delena (sorry Delena fans. i just dont like this ship)

- Katherine wasnt involved. I mean i love this character dearly and i am always happy to have her back but this time it was good she was not involved at all.

- Haircut of Esther. It fits her :D

- Matt was kind of more interesting. bravo

What was bad in 3x14

- Elena in general. Being dumb, stupid, bitchy, betraying Elijah (WHAT THE F) after all he did for her. She is so stupid and awful. Elijah trusted her, saved her mary sue ass 3423 times and what she did? ... i will never ever like her.

- Also Elena starts to act more like Katherine which is irritating.

- Finn. Such a shame. He seemed so epic last week as a crazy baroko rockstar and now .. he is just mama's boy who is pretty much boring. i hope he will get more interesting

- No Bonnie. What the hell. Writers are using her when they dont know how to solve a problem, yet she is not invited to a ball? Also a good friend of Mama Originals happens to be Bennett? Wow, coincidence?

- Klaroline. Such a stupid idea.

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I don't like Esther. they're her children for god's sake. I loved Esther and I sincerely hope she succeeds

and why is Finn ok with her plan anyway? 

He's okay with it because like his mother he understands that they are an abomination, and is noble enough to give up his life to correct his mother's mistake. 

Damon is lame 


Also a good friend of Mama Originals happens to be Bennett  Yes, Ayanna being a Bennett was SUPER SHOCKING!!! thanks once again TVD for surprising me *sarcasm*  

Klaroline. Such a stupid idea   

You mean you don't like your relationships unhealthy, with a side of wimpy sociopaths??? And you call yourself a fan...shame on you fandom  

At this rate I'm just waiting for the season to be over so I can at least say that I tried

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hey hey now now

it's sick you know it

you know me

I'm not shameless

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