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Since the last episode 2x16 a lot of people are talking about Datherine happening. I for one, want Datherine to happen. I love Delena and I love Datherine. From the beggining I wanted Damon to find Katherine...and I wanted them together, then after what she did by not being in the tomb, I didn't want them anymore together, after a few episodes I began to see Delena and I really loved them...but lately, I've been thinking that Delena have a lot to work out before they are ready to admit there feelings (without any compolsion) and that there will always be something in the way....whether it's someone or issues....or anything else. But after last thursdays episode I really love DATHERINE AGAIN!!!!! I think that Katherine has a lot to pay for, and I think that Damon should make her really suffer for everything she's she feels what he felt all this time. But then I would love it if one day they could work everything out and get together.

I think that they are more entertaining then Delena!!! They are funny, they are hot, they are steamy, they are blood!!!!!!!!!! So, I'm going for Datherine. (But I still love Delena and I still also love Statherine.)

What's your favorite Datherine or Delena???

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I might have to disagree with you hihi :) If I had to choose between Datherine and Delena, it would definitly be Delena. I think that Elena could love Damon some day and no matter what happens between them, she would never ever hurt him the way Katherine did. 

To be honest last episode I really wanted to bitch slap Katherine!! For the first time I felt really sorry for Damon ( and this coming from me says a lot :))

I think she did hurt him when she told him about her choosing stefan over him AGAIN. Don't get me wrong I do see te tension between them, but at this point I think i'm going for ( and I can't believe I'm saying this cause i'm a diehard stelena shipper) Delena and Statherine :)

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 yeah :)

since delena obviously isnt happening soon, we need some dathrine action ( not necessarily anything too racy ) to tide us over until elena realizes she lovveessss damon ;)

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I am Stuck in the middle. I really can't decide. I have been Delena fan since episode one. I just loved their chemestry, and at first we had no idea Katherine was alive. When we found out Katherine was alive. I was not sure what to think, but I still shipped Delena, and all my friends were Stelena, but everyday I would have debates how Damon is the right choise for her ;) and When Damon confessed his love for Elena I was literally Bawling. I just loved this couple SO much, But it annoyed me so much, because it took him so much to say those words and they were not even reconized. I am not saying that its Elena's fault because its not her fault it was takes away from her memory. But it just drove me crazy, and since then we have really had no Delena episodes, other her helping out with Rose. I just have been so annoyed. Anyways, Then comes Katherine.

Katherine, at the begining of season one, I did not know what my thoughts on her were. I liked that she was there, but I did not want her with Damon I wanted her with Stefan because that gave Delena an opening. I know Hard core Delena fan talking. But when she got put in the tomb, I was nor angry or Happy. I have never really had a distaste for Katherine but never celebrated her either. When she would hurt Damon I would be upset, But I could tell Damon still loved her so I could never bring myself to hate her. Last episode she really got my attention. I found her more vonerable, and not as confident. She relizes she is not in control anymore, not just with Damon, but the whole Klaus thing too. And I like that, it gives her the chance to relize she will not always get her way. Anyways, I LOVE Delena, and will probabily never stop liking them, but at the moment Datherine is something New and fresh. Not literally, but I love Damon around her. He is finally in charge of his life, and I just love that. So I think My answer Is Both, and I will see where this goes.

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I'm so confused with my feelings either. I love DE from the very first episode of season 1. But i do love Datherine when they flirt with each other. Their scenes are steamy hot. Right now, i can't imagine Elena and Damon having that hot scenes together when DE happens.

So yeah, i choose both. But for now, since I cant see DE happening soon, I temporarily ship Datherine. But I do love DE and still hoping for them to happen soon..omg,i'm totally confused!!!?!!! :(

Since i can't choose...i ship IAN and Nina.. NIAN FTW! hahaha.. :)

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I have been (as I've said many-a-time) a Delena shipper since the first moment they met in the books and on screen. For me, no other couple could master the element of chemistry and bond the two of them have. I mean, LJ Smith called Delena 'Twin flames' and when you really look up that reference you can see how deep the love runs for the two beings and it suits Delena so perfectly! I think something big, Delena-style will happen towards the finale or in season 3. Elena's only human, after all - she can't resist him + her feelings forever ;o.

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I think that Datherine would just be a filler, if it occurs. Mind you I would LOVE less clothing on Damon (TVD writers...hint...hint) I just don't think that it actually benefits the story having Damon get with Katherine. UNLESS this is an avenue that gets Delena together. She realizes that's she's scared to lose him and starts to open herself towards her feelings. Elena is more care free when she's with Damon, while they have considerable drama going on. Wouldn't this be the better option? Someone who actually makes you more progressive in life?

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Datherine is way more fun to watch and they're really hot! But I really would like to see Elena admiting feelings for Damon! And I'm still hoping for a kiss before season ends! But I really like both Delena and Datherine!

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I like Datherine for the fun of it and if it happens I want it to be with Damon having the upper hand this time. I want the little bitch to beg and get down on her knees for Damon. LOL I loved how he rejected Kat in 2x16. if I had to chose, I'd go with Delena but I still want to see more Datherine scenes. Katherine deserves every piece of rejection she'll get for leaving him believing she was in that tomb for 145 years and instead for apologizing she even chose to sacrifice Damon to save Stefan.

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Damon/Katherine, for sure.

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