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Okay, at the beginning of 2x01

Stefan found out Damon kissed "Elena" really Katherine. But he intended on kissing Elena. Stefan was not as angry as I expected but that was because of Elena, and he was trying to look at the big picture, which was getting rid of Katherine. Anyways, at the end of the episode. Damon was in Elena's room, and tried to kiss her again to prove she had feelings for him. And he did get some lip action even though she was pushing him off.

Anyways, after he kills Jeremy, Stefan comes in and Elena tells stefan about him killing Jeremy. But does he know why? or that Damon kissed her? Or did Elena not tell him. I just started wondering about this. Because if Damon kissed "Elena" twice. Then I would think Stefan would be a little angry

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Well Stefan wasn't entirely pleased either, remember the scene where Stefan was about the rip his head of but Elena told the guys to stop it and they nodded like, "we 'talk' about it later".

That doesn't explain the scene where Jeremy 'dies' though, but I think Elena told him 'off camera' though it is pretty weird that we didn't see or hear about a reaction later on.

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1st of, he got mad the first time, also because Damon provoked him. The 2nd he says that Katherine is scrueing with his head. So yea he know, and no i don't think he got mad, since he knows the influation Katherine have on him.

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I am like total Team Damon. But i think Stefan has a right to be Mad. I mean Damon tried to kiss his girlfriend. But he just seemed to be understanding.

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I don't think Elena got into details - she was so mad at Damon for "killing" her brother so I'm guessing Stefan didn't ask much either. I suppose he figured out himself that Damon hit on Elena that night mostly because Katherine was screwing with his mind but never actually heard Elena saying "Damon tried to kiss me for real this time". that's just me but I think he let the whole thing go.

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I think that either he doesn't know but he guesses something like that happened, but he's too afraid to ask or he knows but like @Halde said...he knew Damon was affected with what happened with Katherine, so he didn't want to push Damon.

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I think the bigger picture is... He killed Jeremy. Damon didn't know about the ring so he really did try to kill him and thought he was successful. I think that is a bigger deal than a half-kiss. We all know it made Elena hate him, but I think it also affected Stefan greatly. I don't think the kinda kiss really even matters after that. The killing is a bigger 'eff up than trying to kiss Elena.

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