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It's so true, and you know, I think it's WHY Tyler gets shafted so often now. The show's increasingly all about Elena, Elena, Elena, Elena.

This has been pretty much obvious. The way they "handled" Bonnie mother and Tyler's journey plotlines this season proves it.  


There's nothing wrong with having your protagonist play the lead role, but that requires CHARACTER GROWTH and development. That requires personality establishment. Instead they just keep throwing stuff at Elena, while theoretically THERE'S NO ELENA.

No one disagrees with "Elena". No one goes against her will, no one proves her wrong nor challenges her and if someone tries the show paints them as a badguy.  Its a very common mary sue trait sadly and this show has embraced the full extent of mary sue cliches with Elena now. 


Thats why everything else suffers. The writers keep pushing the under-developed, boring personality less holy saint jesus christ reincarnation Elena Gilbert down our throats and expects us to CARE about the love triangle(equally as under-developed, boring, personalityless and forced) with equally boring and generic two male leads.


As a result an actually INTERESTING storylines suffer.


Entire seasons could have been made out of storypotential that is ghosts. Instead we got, what..."Ghost Town"?

Entire seasons could be made out of  Original Family backstory? Instead we got what? Dragfest that was "Ordinary people" and boring original family that is pointless?

There were so many chances to give Bonnie(ditto for Caroline, Tyler, EVERYONE) some character growth - The witch family in S2, her cousin, her mother. Instead it was all thrown  under the buss and happened outscreen rushed so we could see MOAR Elena acting saint, making right decisions and sulking over brothers while being entirely useless, pointless and persoanlityless.  


The problemw as not as obvious in first season because Elena had separated and interesting plotline where SHE WAS USEFUL AND ACTUALLY DID SHIT THAT WAS NOT ABOUT THE FRIGGIN LOVE TRIANGLE but by now, all I can deduce from this is That Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec are trying to reel in the TWILIGHT demographic, not caring about the coherence or quality of the show. 


As for forwood, Sorry. not caring anymore ever since they got turned into second Steffie/Elena boredom.  

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And the Fells, for one, are gonna be hella pissed that the Lockwoods and the Forbeses have been keeping this from them, there could be power struggles, and Caro and Tyler caught in the middle of that could be fascinating.


They may be pissed, but hey, Meredith knew about the situation with vampires in this town, and she didn't bother to share this information with the council...instead she used vampire blood to heel her patients....LOL, I wonder how she thought this through...didn she consider the fact that while "helping" her patients to stay alive, she is basically injecting them with something extremely dangerous? What if something happened to those patients later on? I know, I know, its highly unlikely that something dangerous would happen to those patients right away which would cause their death and then what? That person wakes up having no clue what is going on with him and then dying because he didnt complete his transition? All I am sayin is who the hell Meredith thought she was, deciding to treat some of her patients with that vampire blood?  I am interested in seeing how ALL that works out....I just hope it does not get dropped mid way through next season, like this show usually does with some of its story lines.

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They may be pissed, but hey, Meredith knew about the situation with vampires in this town, and she didn't bother to share this information with the council...instead she used vampire blood to heel her patients

  Yeah, Meredith was basically going rogue, though, I wouldn't be surprised if none of the other Fells knew what she was doing. I'd prefer to see her on the side of Caroline and Tyler and Co. actually, given that she's interacted with the supes already.
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Omg lol! 

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trolling bitches

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I wonder if Nicfanz would show up in here lol

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we have been prophets of this show's downfall for years it seems xD



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It certainly feels like it! Lol 

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Rolling back time........and action:


OMG! You guys. I can't wait for Tyler to whisk Car up and have hot dogie style sex with her. Show her what she's been missing by staying with that broke ass can't buy her dinner, gotta rent a movie and stay at home instead with my cheap ass, Matt. 


LOL. Memories

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