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I need a little reminder about what happened last season with Matt and Sheriff Forbes. Do they both know about the vampires and werewolves? Are they OK with it? Seems like Sheriff Forbes is helping them track Stefan...

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Liz (the Sheriff) shot Jeremy by accident whil pointing at a too fast and hallucinating Damon. After realizing her mistake and Caroline's attempt to save him all the while it was too late but when they heard about Jeremy's ressurection, Liz and Caroline came to an understanding as Liz was still confused about the supernatural things in MF while Caroline didn't want to compel her mother once again because she wanted her to see that nothing had really changed and that she was still her little girl.

Matt found out about Caroline being a vampire after making deal with Liz to go a bit undercover. Then he regretted his decision some episodes later and wanted to tell Caroline everything which led to him following Damon (who he also know is a vampire along with Stefan as well) where Caroline and Tyler is freed from the tomb. Then Tyler's transformation happens and while I don't recall Matt knowing about him before this moment, he definately found out about Tyler in "The Sun Also Rises", where he shoots Tyler after he comes after Matt and Caroline.

So to sum up: Matt knows about Stefan, Damon, Caroline and Tyler (but I don't think he knows about Katherine) and he must also know about Bonnie being a witch. Liz knows about Stefan, Damon, Caroline, but perhaps not Tyler nor Bonnie for that matter and I'm sure she doesn't know about Katherine either.

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Liz also knows about Tyler, because Caroline told Matt everything (also about Tyler) in 2x17 and then matt told liz everything he knew. Liz said to matt in 2x18 : 'Stefan and Damon are vampires and Tyler is God knows what'
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Caroline told Matt everything so he might know about Katherine as its part of how she, Damon and Stefan became vampires. And Matt told Sheriff Forbes everything Caroline told him so he should have mentioned to her about Tyler and Bonnie (and if he does know about Katherine her aswell)

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In the two months we have not seen, it also looks like they have learned all that we know. Meaning they know about Aunt Jenna and Uncle John being dead. The sheriff is helping them track Klaus, so she now knows about him and probably also Elijah. She is now helping them because she now realizes that they were doing more to protect the town than she ever could have with her very limited knowledge.

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