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It's been two days....and yet nobody on this forum has made a thread about something that we've been dying to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I'll be the first to mention it!!!!! hahaha


"Ash from a white oak tree that dates back to the genesis of the originals. The dagger must be dipt into the ash and then plunged into their heart."

Now, for me, John made it sound kind of easy.....but I think it's much more difficult then it sounds. I'm thinking that they can't exactly take the dagger and dip it into the ash and then go and kill the original....the ash would fall of the dagger, wouldn't it??? And they're not gonna have time in the middle of a fight with the originals to take time and dip the dagger in the ash, so how do you think they're gonna do it???

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I knowww, I think John isn't against Elena and he'll do anything to help her with the Klaus situation however he hates the Salvatores and he tried to kill them. So my theory is he wants Damon to get close to the originals since Damon doesn't hesistate when it comes to killing his enemies. Obviously it isn't gonna be easy for Damon to kill an original so what John wants is for Damon to try kill an original and BAM! The original will take him down...thats Damon gone. (haha i know he can't die since he's the main character)

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haha i kno i was thinkin the same thing lol but i also think there has to be more to it than that it just seems to easy to me idk i guess just have to wait and see

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Yup, we'll just have to wait and see.

But honestly, I dont want Elijah to be dead soon. I believe that there is more to his mysterious character and I want the writers to atleast explore it. I actually want to see his plan to take Klaus down. I mean, I know he will die, but not so soon please. OMG, that would be one badass down.

I hope that they'll experiment/use that ash thing to kill another Original except Elijah.

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Hmm.I think Uncle Johns hoping that Damon will impulsively kille Elijah which will in turn free Katherine because once he's dead she'll no longer be compelled to stay in the tomb. I don't know what his motivation is to free katherine but they are obviously in cahoots and he said he was "on it" just after giving damon the dagger...

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I hope they don't kill Elijah!! I'd prefer if they killed John. And this is coming from someone that loves John!!!!!
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Something similar was in the books

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The flying fuckkkk not to be mean, are you trying to reach to 5000 or something, everything you bumped is a one-sentence post. Not complaining, just curious.
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Maybe I just don't need to write an essay for every post.

& I'm just going through everything I missed, since I'm not on here a lot.

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