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So I wait for my roomate to get home from work to watch TVD because we are both obsessed.

She gets home at 10. It airs at 8.

My nephew was watching TV last night and with out my knowledge, stopped the recording at 8:06 to watch THE DAMN NOTEBOOK!!!!!

So imagine me and my roomate at 10 pm (my ass is tired from a looonggg and stressful day at work) with our PB a J's and popcorn, to find out that we only have 6 minutes of the show. And that includes the scenes from last week and the show theme song thingy. (whatever its called).

I'm in the US, it doesn't replay until the season is completely over. I have hearing aids because I'm very hard of hearing so Youtube is out of the question because it doesn't offer closed captions.

So I am completely screwed. And pissed. I wanted to see a bad ass Caroline sooooo bad!!

Was it wrong that I yelled at him and then went to my room and slammed the door? Also - my roomate is obsessed with One Tree Hill and he stopped the recording to watch facking Prom Night. She missed the 1st 10 minutes of the season premire.

Sorry for ranting but I just read the review and got pissed all over again.

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You can download it at iTunes.  Also, you can watch it at this site.  It isn't the best quality but they upload the episode the next day.  

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I'm from Brazil, so I always have to watch it online. I usually watch from this one: it has a lot of links so one of them should work

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thanks guys but nothing has captions online it seems like. I appreciate it :)

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mmm don't you have a site where you can download movies,and tv shows.. i have a site where i download everything,i watch tvd the next day i am from bulgaria[europe] and the site is you need a registration but if you want help cause it's in bulgarian i can help you if you want ofc

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Hi!  I go to frostwire, key in vampire diaries and look at the torrent with most number of downloads.  It's actually pretty clear.  

You really are a certified obsessed fan for lashing out like that to your nephew.  But it's ok. Maybe he really shouldn't have done what he did.

Have fun downloading/watching TVD.  Episode 2 is a really good episode.  Maybe after you watch it, your anger will just melt away :)

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Hi KatyRocks! I'm from Italy so I have to watch TVD online. I often use this site There are Italian subtitles but the language is English: here there are the first two episodes of the second season (in this Italian site is called "seconda stagione") in the original language. Let me know if it works! ;)

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Aw, that sucks. Try netflix??

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I always watch TVD from

I don't if it'll work if you're from the US (I live in Europe) but give it a shot - it has good quality and the audio is excellent.

And you were totally right to yell at him - ditch TVD for Notebook????? LOL

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