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everyone is all team delena his selfless blabla.. he told her he loved her and took it away.. thats it that was selfless.. and people dont understand why katherine loves him? because he is good apart from when he has blood and because she cant have him and knew that he never loved her like damon did.. thats like everyone want what they cant have..  and i dont understand how does not showww his feelings over than words he is always helping elana saving her lifeee helping her friends hugging her kissing her.... so seriouslyy

we all know that him and katherine will kiss and theyl use that as a lame excuse to start delenaaaaa... i love iannn and loved  him last ep, and am open to delena for a bit but i like stelana    and statherine and think his the best :) x

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I am team Delena and dont really like Stelena,

But I would never say he does not care, or is selfish. I find Stefan very caring, and all. But I persoanally just find Stelena boring. I dont know, maybe its just me. But I always love the underdog. Although Delena is not an underdog with the fans, on the show he is. I guess its not that I dont like Stefan, its just that I love Damon so much, that stefan gets in the way, as I see it, and therefore people find things to make him seem like the worse guy for Elena.

I personally love Elena with Damon, but its probabily because I personally like the bad guy, therefore want the main character to be with the "Bad guy" Damon is not a bad guy but out of the two Brothers he probabily is.

Ah, here I am rambling... :/

Anyways, my point is. People who ship Damon may want to bring down the competer to make Damon see better. Not that he is'nt already (:

^ I mean no offence to anyone, this is just how I see it.

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I care for neither couple, but if I had to choose it'd be Stelena. Despite the fanbase, I can't see Delena happening at all. Even if the spoilers apparently say so.

And Damon is overrated. That's probably the only reason I prefer Stefan, aside the fact Damon's a dick and I get sick of him getting excuses from fans/stefanorelena

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In the real life, Stefan would be the perfect boyfriend, we all agree. But this is a tv show, we want some more action, some bad guys to die for, and face it, Damon is a lot hotter than Stefan... I know I could never love a guy with Damon's personality, but is a fact that good girls love bad boys. Stelena is boring, nothing happens. Katherine is meant to be with Stefan because they'll be just like water and fire or something like that :)) and it's the same story with delena

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In the real life, Stefan would be the perfect boyfriend, we all agree. But this is a tv show, we want some more action, some bad guys to die for,

I agree... IRL, we would all die to have Stefan as our boyfriend. Damon would be a straight up psycho if he were a real man. (So would Stefan technically, but Damon would be a maniac!)

and face it, Damon is a lot hotter than Stefan...

There's nothing to face there... people have different tastes in men so it's stupid to make that conclusion. You don't always agree when someone is awarded 'sexiest man of...', do you?

Stelena is boring, nothing happens.

It's called a relationship. Taking away all the vampirism and such and this is what tradtional relationships look like. It might seem boring but fact is that they love each other and do not find each other boring.


I somehow come to think that loads of people in this forum never had a boyfriend, since they call Stelena boring.

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@jay: thank you !!

I love stefan so much, I thougt I was being the only one left on this forum. I think it's really a taste thing, I find stefan more attractive than damon, but that's just because he's more my type. I also love him as a caracter, I think he expresses his love just as well as damon. 

I think maybe a lot of damon/delena fans are a little bit frustrated because they want damon to be with elena and therefore bash the other brother. But I don't think they have to worry cause I have a feeling that delena will happen soon. And i'm still waiting for some statherine action since she came back!! 

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I love both the Salvatores ! They are both awesome and don't get how anyone could dislike Stefan ? His sense of humour is subtler than Damon's but he has had some absolutely classic lines and Paul Wesley is really hot - looked especially good last episode ;). Stefan's proved he can stand up to Elena and isn't passive in the slightest - he is equally capable of killing as Damon is he just chooses not too..

I think sometimes hardcore delena fans just bash him because Damon and elena haven't got together yet - they take it out on poor stefan haha.


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idk..i jus cnt lyk stefan somethin puts me off..maybe its bcoz i find him in damons way all the time..hes 2 broody nd it irritates me! i jus love damon even tho hes a total badass he still has an heart..he carries the most pain inside of him..he jus wants 2 be loved..which he never gets..nd thts y i ship delena 2..i want damon 2 be loved by someone he truly loves..elena!.x


nd not 2 forget..ian/damon is hotttt..buh thts not the reason i only love him i truly love damon as an whole!.x 

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we all know that him and katherine will kiss and theyl use that as a lame excuse to start delenaaaaa...

Wait ... WTF?!?!?! O.O

I didn't know about that.


Anyway, I don't understand it, too. And it's not like Stefan hasn't killed anyone. He isn't the "Good boy" like some people see him. He just don't kill innocent people (like Damon does) and I don't see anything wrong with that.

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