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people only like damon cuz the way he acts but yall kno that stefan face is wat better  lookin dan damons

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I definitely like Stefan - I just don't like him with Elena, and vise versa. I think together they water each other down and are very one note. Apart however, I really enjoy both of them. I'd say I especially like watching Stefan when he's interacting with Katherine as she brings out a more interesting side of him.


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the fact that anybody considers damon the 'best man' for elena is downright terrifying. i think elena already has her best man. i think no matter how you cut it, stefan will always be considered the better brother in terms of 'good'.  damon won't be. i honestly think the deciding factor is elena. maybe if something happens and she changes and becomes a little jaded and a little less guarded and in a mentality where she embraces her rebellious side (which quite frankly the only time elena shows rebellion is when she's trying to martyr herself), then she'd appeal with damon a lot more. but as she is now? the heroine, the good girl, the overly accomodating girl, a damon and elena romance will never make sense. stefan will always appeal more to that. and i'm not even getting into my own personal feelings about delena and why i don't like them but it just wouldn't make sense. if elena were to like get with damon right now, it would completely rape any and all morality from elena and that's the girl's strongest quality.

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@ sweeti you've just read my mind :)
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I would like to point another thing out here. Everyone is always comparing stefan and damon how they are now.... As vampires. But everyone seems to forget that even as humans they had very different personality's. Damon didn't care that Kat was a vampire that killed people. He just stood next to her and watched how she sucked the life out of them. Stefan also loved her but he didn't aprove of her being a vampire, he had to be compelled. Damon drank her blood voluntarely. To me that is what disturbes me the most of damon and ( sometimes) about the posibility of delena.
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Bella u're totally on point. I've mentioned this exact same thing months ago. Damon may be changing in to a more caring person, but it's only because of Elena and for her. Stefan isn't "good" simply for Elena he truly doesn't want to hurt people and feels guilty when he does.

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@Bella I know it seems really disturbing and it is.... But Damon truly loved Katherine inspite of what she was.... He wanted to give up everything to be with her... Damon was shocked too when Katherine killed those ppl and he did dislike it (you could see from his face, that really cute handkerchief scene, etc.) but he was willing to do it for Katherine...


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