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klaus is much hotter than i expected him to be. and i like him more with the short hair. he is soooooooo hot!

so agreeee. 

I mean, Klaus has this distinct smile that can make you do naughty things. lol 

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Klaus is awesome, but ONLY in the freaking flashbacks!

In present time he looks like a little schoolboy, escpecially that hair. He is very awesome in the flashbacks.

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If he's a schoolboy, I wanna corrupt him 


hmmm mmm 

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He looks hideous in that scene, I feel sorry for poor Elijah who's being pushed up against the wall. In my opinion, Elijah is so much more sexy.

Couldn't agree more... I like Klaus...but for me it's always gonna be Elijah!!!! Elijah, has that sexy classic gentleman thing that I just love!!! And his hair!!! The man was born with nice hair!!!! And that voice... I like Klaus...but not in that scene.... I like present day Klaus....

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I like to see the bad boy in him, that's all lol 

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As an Asian girl like, I will say this to Klaus


Me love you long time lol 

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I agree, Klaus is hot stuff. Haha ;)

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I like Elijah way more than Klaus!!! And he was even more scarier at the first moment then Klaus... he doesn't look scary in the present day! But we just have seen him in the present day in his own body for a few seconds!!!

And in the promo for 2x19 was that Klaus fighting with Damon in the woods???

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Klaus barely looks  blonde in the present day, not like it matters for me, but I'll stick to Elijah.

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