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The thing is tht the things he could be planning are Extremely limited.

He could want to raise an army do a new world order stuff. he could want to revive original petrova woman = lame whipped boy storyline. Done with Damon already and would make Elena and every n.dobrev character ALL ABOUT stupid romances... He could want to open a gate to dark dimension, bringing in some book plots = show would be called Buffy rip off even more. He could be aftraid of something more badass(possibly from Dark dimension) = however that would make his plot  a katherine-plot-copy and lead to more this-rips-off-btvs name-calling. He could want to free someone = even more buffy-rip-off calling. He could want to kill someone unkillable = would be strange we do not know about that person yet. Not to mention more buffy-rip-off name calling.


Otherwise I am pretty much drawing a blank on what he could possibly want to do that requires him to be that powerful and unkillable.

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It could be just greed :p 

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I'm going to cry if they make Klaus in love with the original petrova, I swear, this show just needs to have ONE villian that is actually bad and not some sappy guy who is/was in love with his girl blah blah blah, same story everytime. 

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I'm sure they will keep Klaus evil it would dumb if they didnt. Reason's for him wanting to create his own Hybrid army could be that Hybrid's would be stronger and faster then just a normal Vampire and Werewolve. So whatever he has planned it would make it harder for normal vampire's and werewolves to stop a hybrid then stopping a normal vampire working for him. It would also give a reason to why he killed off his family so the couldnt stop whatever he has planned. Even a Hybrid of Klaus wouldnt stand a chance against a member of his family.
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I'm so curious about Klaus' plan and yeah about the hybrid army..not sure..maybe the guy wants to proclame himself the king of all creatures,being half one and the other half another creature..and maybe he can procreate now..that would be interesting..some chick calling Klaus..Im pregnant Klaus baby..and he..Omfg Im gonna be a daddy!!!lol that's my sick mind talking now..


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I'm going to cry if they make Klaus in love with the original petrova, I swear, this show just needs to have ONE villian that is actually bad and not some sappy guy who is/was in love with his girl blah blah blah, same story everytime

If  you're gonna cry, I'm going to scream and throw tantrums at my boyfriend's apartment til he forces me to sleep in the couch again. lol. I swear to god, I heard this spoiler about Elijah and Klaus being the ancient version of the Salvatore bros, I just hope to god it's only sibling rivalry and not being whipped by a Petrova girl. 

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Sadly elijah/kat/klaus is pretty much as confirmed as elijah/elena/klaus is by now....




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In 2x19 it was pretty obvious ( at least to me ) that klaus and elijah loved the original petrova girl and that that's why the witches created the doppelganger. So that if klaus wanted to undo the curse he had to kill a girl who looked exactly like the girl he ones loved. Obviously the witches underestimated klaus evilness because as we saw he doesn't seem to care about the doppelgangers ( katherine nor elena) unlike elijah. In 2x19 he said to kat in the flashback : excuse me for staring, but you remind me of someone i used to know. And later on he admitted himself to klaus that they ' once loved' and that he cared for katherine. Klaus then told him: are you so foolish to care for her? ( As is foolish because she is not the original girl, just a doppelganger ?) With that being said i am pretty sure that klaus masterplan has nothing to do with reviving this original petrova girl. She is dead for over a 1000 years and well i just don't think that that's a good storyline and i trust the writers for not going there. I do think that the similarities between klaus/elijah and damon/stefan are interesting and not just a coincidence :)
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If thats the whole story and if thats ALL that there is behind the whole petrova hype, doppelganger hype, Klaus-plans hype and other hype then I will be fucking disappointed.Why? Because:

It makes Elena into even bigger and even more bland plot device used to fuel romance triangles or free someone who gets another romance triangle. I can already see the summaries of this show after it ends: "in this show, N.Dobrev plays girl(s) who get ocassionally sacrifficed, mop over their male harem and then cook in the kitchen" Makes Klaus look like a freaking 1000 year old kid with issues who can't get over one girl.  Makes this whole thing sound like a soap ( bla bla bla, two guys love girl, bla bla, girl gets killed by bla bla, guys mop, bla bla, twin appears, bla bla, twin dies bla bla bla). Makes Elijah not only be a naive and idiotic guy(for someone who is 1000+ even moreso), but it also turns Elijah into a stefan-clone... The show starts to anvil the viewers over the heads with brothers and triangle analogy. Sorry, but if I want to be reminded every episode about the "epic" bromance and not have any sort of other coherent plot, I'd watch SN. It reeks of bad writing.
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I just think that Elena's relationship with Damon will make the love triangle more epic and amazing and she needs Damon in her life...though she's always had mixed feelings about him, her life wouldn't be the same without Damon in it. She has to have him in her life, because she knows he watches over her and keeps her safe...he's like her guardian angel.

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