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Now that we know that Klaus is a Werewolfe and a Vampire. Does that mean it is possible for a werewolf to become a vampire as well. Could Tyler be given vampire blood and then dies. Then would he would become Hybrid himself?

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Hmmm, I don't think so. Otherwise, Klaus would have tried it or something. Elijah says that if Klaus' werewolf gene is activated, he will be allowed to have his own bloodlines of hybrids and that will be bad for everyone.

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I think he was only a hybrid because his dad was a werewolf?

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Yes Tyler's dad had the werewolf gene as well. They never told the story of how an original becomes a vampire. So if Klaus was born with the werewolf gene and then later on becomes a vampire. Then wouldnt that be possible for other werewolves? And it would make sense for Vampires not to turn wolves into Hybrids because then they would become extinct. Being that a hybrid is more powerful.

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Hm..I dont know.All I know is that the father must be werewolf cause vampires cant procreate...and I think a hybrid can be made if lets say we have a person that didnt triggered the werewolf curse yet by killing someone and gets turned in a vampire...I think that's a hybrid..Wolf genes by birth and vampire transformation..

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i like that idea !! let's make tyler a hybrid :D :p

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We do know how the Originals became vampires, they were born this way. Elijah's mother and father were humans and Klaus' father was a werewolf while his mother was human (Elijah and him share the same mother). Klaus is therefore a hybrid since they somehow were born vampires which makes them so special from other vampires (e.g. they do not need daylight rings) and because he is half werewolf. Klaus has not triggered the werewolf curse yet (I guess this must be done by witches since he must have killed people as a vampire).




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@ damonsucksmyworld but we still don't know why they were born this way .. elijah said it was a long story or something like that ? so maybe we will still get to here that part. and also if they were born this way then at some point they stopped aging, i would love it if the show also gives us some awesome explanation for that !!!

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They were not born vampires. Elijah said the whole family was human. Then they became vampires, we will learn the story of how it happened latter on I'm sure. I do not think a werewolf can be turned into a vampire. It could only happen in this one special family of original vampires.

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Well that might be true, here's the dialog:

Elena: "There's a whole family of Originals?"

Elijah: "My father was a wealthy land owner in a village in Eastern Europe. Our mother bore seven children."

Elena: "So... your parents were human?"

Elijah: "Our whole family was. Our origin of vampires is a very long story, Elena. Just know, we're the oldest vampires in the world. We are the original family and from us all vampires were created."


So I gues, I heard wrong, but I still see it as if they had a 'vampire gene', not that they were turned, because if they were, there must ahve been vampires before the Originals. Besides that, vampires cannot procreate (though they love to try), and I don't think Originals could either. It would make sense if they could but then when did the ageing thing start to work?

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