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apparantly somehow Elena graduated with top grades and next season we will see them all in mystic falls college, with introduction of Proffessor Shane, an expert on supernatural, who will help Bonnie.



I am sorry....HOW THE HELL DID SHE GRADUATE? She missed 95% of the school and we NEVER saw anything about her being a good student or EVEN LEARNING. 

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After being here since May of 2011 and following this show since 2009, I would think you'd just learn to stop questioning anything and everything that happens in this show.

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She was already graduated cause she secretly is a genius :-O kidding lul I dont careeeee

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She was already graduated cause she secretly is a genius


Well according to plec, elena's IQ is over 140 so...\


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Seriously my reaction to all the spoilers of how "awesome" Elena is, especially at her somehow graduating..


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Yeah if she's so smart Im Catwoman..:)

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College? Elena does not even know such big words...

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I didn't even know Elena wanted to attend college.

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I am more surprised that Elena is still in school, considering she has not been there for , err, year and more?

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come on, you people! Elena is Plec's alter ego and we all know by now that bitch wishes she was but that's not gonna happen, not even in her wildest dreams is flawless. I bet Elena's grades are as good as Serena's.

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