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Vampire Diaries writers want Matt to be like Nate from Gossip Girl!

- they both are unimportant characters in the show so far.

- Nate has slept with all for main female characters in Gossip Girl .. Blair, Serena, Vanessa and Jenny

- In TVD main female characters suppose to be Elena, Bonnie and Caroline and Matt has slept with two of them already. And we all know that Matt and Bonnie will have something together soon as we can see all those sudden moments together.

- I know it is random but i found it funny :D


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I just love how Damon raping Caroline repeatedly is nonchalantly added together with Tyler...

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bored now: the point was that they had sex together :D

jay: i think they did, vampire diaries just didnt show it because they have more "important" characters to deal with. also blair and prince Louis had sex but it wasnt shown as well

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Matt/Nate, hmmm. They're both useless.

Maybe Matt will get his own "mattfused" face.


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At least Nate is attractive. Matt is just meh

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Matt has normal eyebrows that don't scare me. Unlike Nate ...

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bonne and jeremy didn't sleep with each other and i hope matt and bonnie never happen 



They definitly slept together. Why else would they be together. . . Bonnie is probably getting bored of being boring, and so she needs some actions, Jeremy needs something "safe". I don't like them in anyway together, but seriously. He is 16(or 17) and she is 18. It would almost be inhuman for them not to have fucked like vile rabbits. . . That's what we young people do these days:P It's almost an epidemic xD

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This is so true that QMGQT should win an award for it. Both Nate and Matt sucks, though I hate Nate the most.

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Palina Epi
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No,Matt is not like Nate.Nate is the whore from gossip girl.He had slept with every single main character woman.Matt till now had only sex with Caroline

And Nate is much hotter than Matt!Nate is the hottest guy from the show and Matt is not even in the top 3

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Matt till now had only sex with Caroline

forgetting the fac that elena is his leftovers already by the start of the show :)


And now he is getting it on with bonnie.  

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