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so i was on other websites and theres alot more ship not including bamon,delena, or stelena

so far ive seen

janna ( jermey & ana)

cyler ( caroline & tyler)

tonnie (tyler & bonnie)

batt (bonnie & matt)

staroline (stefan & caroline)

camon (caroline & damon)

aonnie (alaric & bonnie)

tenna(tyler & jenna)

eatt (elena & matt)

jalaric ( alaric & jenna)

i kno what you guys are thinking some of them were so surprising i was like wow

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Yeah! Like the 'tenna' one. Wth? 

I liked Janna. I hate they killed Anna! Also camon (a little) and Of Course Jalaric! Jenna needs some Saltzman!

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^ right the ones that surprised me was tenna,staronline,and aonnie i was like what those never where even a thought

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I love Cyler. I think they'd be good together. Also, Jalaric of course. 

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The only ones that surprised me were aonnie and tenna. I was never a fan of student/teacher relationships and Tyler has already made out with Matt's mom, we don't need a another Tyler/cougar hook up.


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^ Yea kno what you mean lol the ones i wouldnt mind are cyler,tonnie,batt,a staroline fling mabey,i kinda liked camon,oh and jalaric and janna are a givin lol omg how could i forget stonnie lol i wouldnt mind them either....


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Also Katherine/Damon. I love her!

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^^ That's knida creepy. I didn't know people even shipped those two as a couple.

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