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am I high or did i just see a newcomer get a grand welcome by the ppl of this forum? oh but duh i forgot about the rules: u like caroline then we like you. have fun dani and enjoy

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Lol its always nice to see more people in the anti-elena fandom xD welcome plottogetyou :) Yeah elena is just there...basically being whatever the writers need her to be at a particular time
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maybe shes just there because shes the main character ever thought about that wow lol


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Am i high or did i just see a newcomer make some good and valid points that were totally appreciated by the people in the forum? Welcome Plottogetyou. Its not often we find new members here who follow there heads and not there fangirl hearts. You know i just realised something. I think most people who like SE or DE. They only like her because they want their fav bro to end up with her. In other words, Elena is just a potential love interest for their fav male character. They only like her cause they want their brother to come out on top and win her heart. It wouldn't matter if they loved Elena or Caroline. Here's a little experiment, lets switch Elena with Caroline. Imagine the brothers loved Caroline instead of Elena. The charcter of Elena would be absolutely nothing, she;d even be worse than Matt if it wasn't for the love triangle thing in her life. I bet you any money that if you take the love out of the equation and made the show float on solely the "strength" and "development" of the main character then TVD would have been cancelled long ago, or at least it would have been in even more trouble. Because if most ELena fans are honest with themselves, she really brings NOTHING to the role of a so called leading lady. All she does is moan and cry about how much her life sucks and how she ends up hurting everyone around her, while she does nothing to stop it. She should have AT LEAST attempted suicide by now. Not saying suicide is good, but it is a NATURAL response to all the pain she's gone through. 

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LOL she linked her to the thread oh my gosh /dead

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I just wanna slap her. Continuously and forever just give her a good SMACK! Just for being the ridiculous, boring, ''flawless'' little girl she is. I hate how EVERY CHARACTER is measured against her. The moral center of the show. I`m expected to relate her apparently. Its garbage like this thats causing global warming.
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her every excuse is "BECAUSE I CARE" with her stupid 'caring' and sad face while hugging herself. EVERYTIME she does it, i wanna take my chair and smash her with it. MOST IRRITATING TV CHARACTER EVER!!!!!!!! also what worse, she is ruining other characters.

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Going to repost what i wrote in e17 thread.

Mary Sue Traits: 

She is stunningly/unusually beautiful. – She might deny it obviously, but everyone, EVERYONE notices on how awesome unique and beautiful she is and can’t help but be in awe of that. Not even one character will say on how bad she looks or something like that.  CHECK Unique naming connected to stars or older civilizations is a must– Greek, Hispanic, Japanese names are VERY popular among the mary sue creators. In most of cases it’s a god name(ex:Athene) or a stellar object(ex:Luna). CHECK She has multiple special abilities or skills – Of course most of them will be completely useless in real situation, but they are here so the fiction work can focus everything around her. Special skills include but are not limited to unique birth situations, special conditions, special blood and other things like that that supposedly make her “VERY RARE THING INEED”. Bad guys will not realize their bad ways without her being there. Good Guys will not succeed without her. Antiheros won’t change their ways towards good without her. CHECK. She is always caring and rushing to help everyone she cares about – Without her no one would win, without her badguys won’t realize how bad they are, without her actions good guys won’t have a plan, without her world won’t turn. CHECK Common personality traits include but are not limited to being kind and virtuous without any real flaws. – if a mary sue happens to have flaws its ALWAYS either clumsiness, frailty, feisty character or stubbornness. That all are used to show how awesome she is.  CHECK. At least one character falls immediately in love with her. – In some worse quality works with bad quality writing and more clichés, this happens multiple times. Everyone is ready to die for her, everyone ends up loving her, her love changes the badguys to better and so on. All characters are instantly and naturally drawn towards her – she is the center of everything. Villains need her for their evil plans. Good guys need her for their good plans. She is in everything even if it makes no sense in storyline.  CHECK. Going hand in hand with above, most of times in more derivative forms of fiction, there’s also a prophecy or ritual connected to her uniqueness – because how else would they explain why she is so SPEHSHUl and needed. Most of times it never expands beyond that and is not used to characterize her. No. Its just the reason for her to be there and be SPECIAL.  CHECK. She is portrayed as being important and more powerful, wiser, smarter and important than everyone else – You can’t plan without her. Because her plan is always accepted as the best. You can’t out-talk her, because her words will always be right and strike deep into her oponents hearts making them change their ways. You can’t argue with her because you will end up accepting what she says because she is never wrong.  CHECK. Angsty tragic past is a must- her parents might have died in the car rash, or her brother might have been eaten by an evil dragon, or she might have been an orphan. There’s always something to make her start the journey with “a very wounded heart”. Her “tru luv” will always be there to support her on her decisions and to show on how not-important that past is. Sadly, her past will NEVER ever be used to actually develop her as character as it is there just for readers/viewers to FEEL SORRY about.  CHECK. She is so perfect and one dimension that readers/viewers can’t help but get bored by her, but everyone in the fictional universe(including the writers) just can’t get enough of her- in every work of fiction that contains mary sues there will be literate fans very annoyed by her importance, her destiny, focus on her true and undying love(in most cases a love triangle because hey she is so special that everyone loves her.  CHECK.


A mary sue is also known by her relationships with characters:

Her family will involve at least one marty sam– a dark tragic troubled person. Either a dad of hers or a brother or a sister. Someone who does not fit and is used to show how PERFECT the mary sue is compared to him/her.CHECK. A Mary Sue will also have at least one character who is very jealous of her status – most of times that person is displayed as shallow(when compared to is and awesome and unique Mary Sue) and is yet again used to showcase the many talents of Mary Sue.CHECK. Obnoxious/abusive/misunderstanding parenting figures are must– it might be an older sister or an aunt or an uncle thrown into a role of parenting because Mary Sue is a “poor orphan”(hint: here you feel sorry for her) They most likely won’t play any role at all in the story and most end up dead, but they are there to show how awesome and unique her life is and to remind us of her tragic past™.CHECK. AT least one of her friends will be a Gary Stu archetype– a muscular gentleman jock who lives on his own and possibly with no parents. Can be Mary Sue’s childhood friend. He is someone who the writer tries to portray as honest normal jock guy. Gary Stu will always rush to help damsels in distress and even if writer does not realize it will contain a lot of misogynistic qualities in personality and actions. Other characters will try to pair him with Mary Sue, but she will always keep true to her one and only(or two in case of triangle) Tru Luv™. CHECK.


It amuses me hat some people still claim she is not mary sue.

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@RED ur point is 300% correct.... most DE/SE Shippers mostly care abot the Brothers.

i myself ship Stelena although not before FORWOOD, DALARIC, KLAUS+ELIJAH, TEAM SALVATORE, ELENA+DEATH, STEFANS DIARY and Bonnies spell Book

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@Nawty-Angel and Red, that is actually so true!

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