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Caroline should just shut her mouth and go kick some ass. It's The Vampire Diaries not Sesame Street. Will she tell Jeremy "Say no to drugs." Or tell Damon to practice safe sex. 

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Lol. I'm glad Caroline is getting more screen time but she is becoming too perfect lately. I remember someone saying if another guy falls for her she's going to be the Helen of Troy of TVD. Still, I'll always love her. I don't think I can ever hate Caroline or Klaus

I'll always love her too but that doesn't mean she won't annoy the fuck out of me. Klaus is my favorite yet I still want to punch him for the hybrid obsession, which is part of why I'm cool with Elena being turned. At first I used to be all "LOL NO" when anyone dared to say Caroline is a mary sue. Which she is not, but at this rate it's getting closer and closer to that. I really don't think three love interests so far is a big deal but if it gets more to than that then ohhhhhhhmygawshhh.
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I think Bonnie should be the morally inclined speech maker:P Caroline should be a lil badass

AFter the finale, she doe snot deserve any screen time at all.


After the 6th speech I got pretty bored. You know, she may get tortured time from time, which is really annoying, but once you become an inspirational speaker for every fucking character on the show, get written as a vampire and control your urges successfuly within 4 episodes, flash your fangs for only 3 episodes of the entire third season, take down 6 tomb vampires who were hundreds years older than you, have chemistry with your best friends mom and her step brother while the best friend is outside watering flowers for 40 minutes of the episode, get involved in another triangle and easily lure the villain outside just by flashing your boobs, then you are on the road to becoming a mary sue 

You have no fucking idea what a mary sue is, right?


Buffy said speeches every two episodes, pretty much bitchslap[ping half the cast(or getting bitchslapped by half the cast), threw people in the air every episode, took down up to 10 vampires at once and things thrice her size, had chemistry with EVERY cast member to the point of being shipped with everyone, and so on.


Was she also mary sue because of that? No.


While buffy was WAY BETTER developed and an entirely opposite character to Caroline(considering Buffy was more closer to Katherine than caroline), what separates goo dwriting from mary sue is the balance. WE SEE caroline's flaws and struggle, we see WHAT she has to overcome. That justifies her awesomeness.


she can damn as well speak speeches becasue she lived through so much bad stuff to do it. and vampire strength is inconsistent in this show anyway, need I remind you Salvatore bros overpowering Klaus?


Caroline's speeches make sense. she is a cotnrol freak who is overcoming her insecurities. We have seen that since day one of the show. She is the only one who has the right to say those speeches.


now how the writers follow up on them? Thats not caroline's fault thats plec's fault.  


Telling Elena that Bonnie always seems to get hurt because of something the mario bros do,

I fucking LOVED that. that made her be pretty much the onlys ensible person int he whole cast.

Telling Klaus basically that he's going at making friends the wrong way, stating that he's scared no one will love him 

I loved her character consistency of verbal ownage of Klaus. Klaus deserves that. Too Bad, yet again, noty depending on caroline's character, plec has no  storyline consistency.  if the show was consistent, Caroline would already have gotten Bonnie do some spell that would make klaus get migraine by just being within few meters distance of her. 


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Oh I know what a mary sue is, FUCK OFF. Buffy developed within 7 seasons, Caroline's urge problem got patched up in a span of 3 episodes for one season. Despite your delusional belief that Plec pretends to adore Caroline to prevent getting hate mail, she is all of the writers favorite character and it's dead obvious they don't plan to explore more of her issues as a vampire because they feel like that problem is perfect and long solved

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Actually she is close there, all guys seem to fall for her now , PLec is close to ruining Caroline with all the stupidty she wrote about here last season.

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What Caroline did through the majority of season 2 was bond with Tyler and help him, while on the side occasionally patching things up with her mom, and still having feelings for Cardboard. Her urge problems were nothing but barely 3 ep's which makes sense because she is a control freak, but that is still amazing considering that Stefan had the ever annoying Lexie chasing him for centuries to calm himself, and he's the one who tried to train her. Man I can't wait to watch Caroline help Stefan coach Elena, I'm so happy that I just pulled a Katy Perry and bursted fireworks out my fucking chest.

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 Caroline's urge problem got patched up in a span of 3 episodes for one season. 

ding ding don't very wrong.

HER URGE PROBLEm is kept in check by the character and personality she developed through season one.

explore more of her issues as a vampire 

And I am fucking happy with them not exploring that. Its consistent with her character development. I don't want her giving into bloodlust or sulking like half the emo cast. What separates her is her character growth that ALLOWS her to keep herself in check. Thats 50% of why she is such an awesome character.

because they feel like that problem is perfect and long solved 

And that is one thing at which writers are fucking correct. Caroline is the most consistently written character in the show. If not for the stupid kc character assassination and stelenization of forwood, she would have remained as such. 

 but that is still amazing considering that Stefan had the ever annoying Lexie chasing him for centuries to calm himself,  

you know why?Because steffie is a characterless pussy who would loose control OVER FREAKING CANDY.


Caroline is not steffie. or Damon. She is an optimistic cheerful girl who overcame so many problems in her life and whose insecurities and control-freak tendencies are helping her now. She is someone who fought against it all as a human and thus even more so as vampire. She is perfect to coach someone into vampiredom 

THE PROBLEM IS that writers forgot that when STEFFIE needed it this season. Caroline would have been a perfect person to set him right and kick some sense into his brain, if writers were not too busy focusing on their all-beloved elena gilbert and her romantic woes.  

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Lol okay if you want her to flash her fangs and bite a few necks four times per season that's fine by me, FINE BY ME BUDDY. And now that Elena is one, we are barely ever going to see her do squat except maybe glare at Klaus and sex Tyler time to time. My body is ready.
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Lol okay if you want her to flash her fangs and bite a few necks four times per season that's fine by me,

no. i want her to kick some badguy ass, put noob main characters into place by saying how it is, school elena on why she is an annoying bitch and be the queen bee queen of everything she has always been, while retaining an optimistic outlook into things, completely ignoring Klaus and being an independent awesome person who has a life. 


My headcanon of the S3 end is that both tyler and caroline said "FUCK THIS" and left mystic falls to marry in las vegas.  


Also lexie is perfect possible the best charact ever to grace us on this show 

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She's not gonna ignore Klaus, they're so dragging KC in October. I dunno whether to sqeaul or punch a wall
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