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ive seen a few episodes of vampire diares and before i even started to like it i already wanted damon and elena to be together her and stefan are boring

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yeah im pretty sure its fake since there is no source...

i highly doubt that damon would work with the founding members to take down katherine, let alone do it himself.

I have to confess I only read part of the spoiler with Stefan. But last night, I started to question the legitimacy of this information when I couldn't find the source on E online. Some people speculate that this is like a hidden source leaking it out like that guy on GG (Might I add he was 90 percent right).

But until I hear it from Kristin, Ausiello, or Mandi Bierly, I will just wait.


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yeah they were confirmed to be fake yesterday. I saw a tweet from tvd news... Can't remember which tvd site they run, it's one of the 3 main ones
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