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Just want to share guys! :) They are really cute together! I wish they will admit their relationship someday. :) Love them both!



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It was like everywhere a few weeks ago that they have been dating since Feb last year.... I thought they were true.... Or are they just rumours?

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its rumors theyve both said on camera that they dont date co stars and their just great friends

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And yet they coincidentally:

- Are seen holding hands in pretty much any and every photo.

- Have been travelling together for more than a year.

- Spend most of holidays together.

- Even the press ships them.


Yep, they sure are not dating. 

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they look like they are dating but i can believe that they are just good friends. because my best friend is a guy and everyone thinks he is my boyfriend but he is not.

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You can totally see how much they like each other!!! As much as want to deny it... they are dating!

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I hope they are dating and some pictures or interviews really tell they are in love, but maybe they're just the best friends in the world? :) People say they do it for publicity to have high audience ratings.

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come on be serious:P they're always together, even when they're not shooting...they were holding hands in NYC a few days ago and now they're together in paris with both their not only are they dating, i think it's pretty serious and real too :)

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I think the reason that they're not admitting it is because they don't want nina to seem a hypocrit as she said she wlouldn't datea co star in 09. Although, when asked the question, they never answer it directly.

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