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what are some of your other OMG moments?

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when stefan fed on his father :o

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Bonnie betraying Elena at the end of 1x21 (but she redeemed herself at the end of 1x22 so it was all ok in the end)


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^ i second that

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When Anna sucked on Jeremy's cut hand.

When Anna kissed Jeremy on the MFHS campus.

When Jeremy comforted Anna in 'Isobel'.

Any Janna action,lol.



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-When Damon killed Lexie.

-When John killed Pearl.

-When Damon "killed" John.

-When Isobel apears.

-When Stefan fed on his father.

-When Stefan made Damon turn.

-When Frederic tortues Stefan.

-When Damon kills Vicky.

-When Isobel says to Elena that Damon is in love with her.

-When Bonnie betrays Elena.

-When in turns out that Katherine is not in the tomb.

-When Stefan sucks Elena's blood.

-When John kills Anna.

-When Elena has the car accident and the man she run over stands up and then Damon saves her.

-When Damon kills Bree.

-When Damon nearly gets killes by Lexie's boyfriend.

-When Stefan's looks at the photo of Katherine and we see that Elena and Katherine could be twins.

-When Elena sees the photo of Katherine.

-When Damon "killed" Alaric.

-When John promises to Isobel that he will kill Damon and Stefan to protect their daugter Elena.

-When it turns out that Isobel is Elena's mother and John's her father.

-When it turns out that Elena is adopted.

-When it turns out to be Katherine instead of Elena and she kills John and turns out to be the one that kissed Damon and not Elena!!!!!!!! (this is the best OMG moment of the season).

ok, I may have put a lot OMG moments, but these are all the moments that to me are the OMG moments of season 1 (specially the las one). Can't wait till season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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when Katherine appeared!

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definitely the kiss between katherine and damon. huge OMG moment!

and all of the above that were listed^^... awesome first season!

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April Nicole

Hmmm, There's so many.

-The biggest would be Elena(Katherine) And Damon Kissing.

-Finding Out That Stefan Is The One That Saved Elena When Her Parents Got

In The Accident.

-Jeremy Killing Himself.

-John killing Pearl & Harper

-Finding Out John Is Elena's Dad.

-Finding Out Damon Turned Isobel

-Damon killing Vicki

-Elena Saving Damon From That Guy In Atlanta. :) Lol. Forgot Who He Was.

-Isobel Saying Damons In Love With Elena.

These Are The Good Ones I Thought Of.



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My favorite moment after the Katherine and Damon kiss would have to be when Damon pinned Isobel down and showed her who's boss. :)

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