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  my ovaries bitch. where'd they go


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I just love how Thor litteraly gets no damage in that scene, while Tony's armor looks worse and worse with each hit(headbutt littearlly dents his helmet, lol)


Yes, why does Marvel have no rights for it? When I was 10 spiderman was the reason I even discovered Marvel. 

MArvel has no movie rights for XMEn and Spiderman.

 XMEN movie rights currently belong to FOX and Spiderman - to SONY.  Which essentially makes them not exist within the uiverses of each other.

 Its the reason why they can't touch upon Captain America's adventures with Wolverine during that world war(And the fact that wolvie prtty much idolizes the guy) and why Spidey overslept the destruction of new york.  


Holy shit is that sand man in the pics you posted

Yes, as well as Electro, two of few very well known Spiderman villains.  They had quite a few appearances in non-spidey stuff. Although most of times they had more success than in those scenes, lol., which has a lot to do with the fact that Pepper is...very durable, can melt stuff around her by simply being a bit angry, has an electromagnetic field due to the chest piece and would see Electro as a battery. 

Some of othe Spiderman villains also have moved up the food-chain - Doctor Octopus has been a villain in all comic books for last year or so and Norman Osborn/Green Goblin has been main Avengers villain since the end of civil war. 

OH OHHHHH. And can someone tell me how Stark knew about Thor? I did not watch Thor. They were all so nonchalant or casual about him crashing the plane but if it were me I'd have shat bricks.

Tony has been consultant on Avengers Initiative since the end of IM II. Shortly during the end of IM II, Thor events happen and SHIELD is very involved in that.  

Thor is generally good natured, if a massive asshole, and he has taken liking of Earth and swore to protect it(which is essentially why Loki decided to just invade for the lulz as a way to get back at Thor) 


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Okay the movie rights make no fucking sense at all, why aren't they all owned by one studio? They're all marvel. Lol, Loki's motives were kind of off for me. Oh shit tell me who that creature was in the end credits clip! I saw him read the shield paperwork in the end of IM2 but the eye patch guy (lul forgot the name) said he didn't qualify.
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Okay the movie rights make no fucking sense at all, why aren't they all owned by one studio? They're all marvel.

There was no Marvel Film studio before was it 2007 or 2009. Back then Marvel would give rights to chracters for movies. Bassically. In return for a certain proffit ammount.


Till raimi's spiderman 2 comic book movies were a niche genre. 


Since 2009 Marvel is actively seeking back the rights to its properties and has formed their own film studio, wanting to "unify" all the movies in one single "marvel cinematic universe" the similar way its in comics. They got back the rights to Hulk first,  and then launched the franchise of movies with properties they did not give out yet, with the goal of leading to avengers movie.  

Lol, Loki's motives were kind of off for me.

Events in Thor sort of explains it. Its all about Thor.

Oh shit tell me who that creature was in the end credits clip!  

one of strongest comic book villains and generally a fucked up guy.

Thanos is an alien titan demigod(and not asgard-type of alien-gods, but litteral gods) mutant. He is in love with Death(who is female in marvelverse) and longs to attract her attention he longs to "put back the balance in the universe" by killing half of universe.

(hence why he smiles at when that other guy says that "To challenge earth is to court death") 

He is also an extreme masochist in a way that he longs for someone to DEFEAT him.  

Most of stories involving him being massively overpowered and 99% of marvel superheroes ganging up on him trying to kill him.


He is also the only villain who actually won and became an omnipotent god at some point.  He was only defeated by ...future version of himself who revealed that even after he wins, obtains godhood and succeeds  at murdering most of universe,  Death does not give a shit about him and his omnipotence makes it impossible for anyone to oppose him, making his immortal life into entirelly boring torment, as he is unable to achieve two things that give him joy, thus causing him to go back in past to defeat himself. .


He is as overpowered as villains get, who can backhand slap Hulk unconscious, break cap's shield, fingerflick Iron man out of solar system and etc. and for the reason of avengers even being able to stand a chance against him in movieverse, we will have either Dr.Strange or Guardians of Galaxy movie before Avengers II. 


IMo it nicely works as lead in into civil war and stark's idea of what is essentially "SOPA Of superheroes".  

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Should I know Amy Adams?

John Adams, Amy Adams, Jared Adams ...


bahaaha ILY2 BBY I just need to fuckin pic spam now omfg

body=ready OH OHHHHH. And can someone tell me how Stark knew about Thor? I did not watch Thor. They were all so nonchalant or casual about him crashing the plane but if it were me I'd have shat bricks. Well, S.H.I.E.L.D (don't like the name btw) knew that Loki had a bro which was Thor, so yeah. And I LOVED that moment with Loki and Thor. But then Tony had to cockblock!
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I'm sorry, but everytime I read Sandman I think of


He was in Spiderman, right?

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I am sorry, every time I read word sandman I think


And yeah, Marvel's sandman is/was Spiderman villain.  

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Well, that's because you're not german.

And yeah, Marvel's sandman is/was Spiderman villain.  

Is he coming back?

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comic-wise he never left. So far pepper came closest on killing him but unless you kill ever bit of sand he is made of he will survive. 


movie-wise he does not exist.  

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Did anyone notice the huge racial diversity in Captain America? It just make no sense at all. At one point, there is a scene where America walks with a unit of soldiers. In that single group, we see a black guy, asian guy, irish guy, british guy and i think i french guy as well, but i', not sure of the last one. I mean WTF? They putted a black guy there?


They made political correctness trumph historical accuracy. This is bad.


Sure, there were black guys in world war 2(should it be with captials?), but the black people were in their own regiments, meaning not interacting with white dudes. The two only things they needed in that scene would be a woman and a handicapped guy. It was just so ridiculess LOL xD! 

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