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Arrow is a great show. Loving it. And the detail like the tattoo this week is appreciated. Yay finally a decent show and also excellent launch because we are only one episode behind in SA
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Its seems interesting. I'm going to give it a try.
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@Nawty Angel, you're from South Africa? On which channel does Arrow air?

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I like this show so far and I liked tonights episode . my only concern is the story is fast paced and I don't understand the deal with Laurel and Oliver, because he was with her sister and he seemed to love her what happend ?his mom is one shady lady!
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GREAT episode. 

Love that Oliver's motives are  constantly questioned by everyone and the morally questionable nature of it is not overlooked. I LOVE that characters ARE competent - everyone is piecing it all together, police is not stupid an d everyone works by real world logic. LOVE the fast-pace.


I don't understand the deal with Laurel and Oliver, because he was with her sister and he seemed to love her what happend 

Oliver was dating Laurel and cheating on Laurel with Laurel's sister, who then died in that shipwreck during the said cheating.


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Also I LOVE that they are building up Laurel to the role she had in the comicbookverse, having her question the belief system she is accustomed to, as well as showcasing that she could be swayed into the whole vigilante-way of thinking outside of the law.  


I am guessing that it will take either her father or her best friend to die, for her to chose that road here. 


I do wonder on if the show will incorporate her mother's past from comic books into it 

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@bored now I know they used to date ,what I don't get is that her sis and him looked like they were serious and then he spent 5 years thinking about Laurel! poor Walter! I was thinking how Olivers mom get involved in these !I love the fact tommy and laurel can defend themselves and the fact diggy don't take shit from oliver.can't wait for next week episode!
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For now Arrow seems to be decent enough. Its fast paced and decent but since the show is on CW iam a little worried that it might start regressing really fast. Hope not though.
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Another brilliant episode.


J.Barrowman is PERFECT actor for playing a villain and the whole episode has been brilliant and intense.  

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Sorry ,the last episode wasn't good .it was all over the place .I wish the next one to be good!
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