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oh gods, i fucking love that we finaly got Giles backstory, about his immortal aunts, about his father, about his ripper days, etc.






 Seriously, his past makes the end of Giles even more depressing. 

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*sigh* Illyria's identity crisis after Wesley still depreses me. her subconsciously takin on Fred's character traits and switching back and forth between them was sad:



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Can you read these somewhere? Or do you get these from promotional stuff;)?

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You can Buy them in the publisher's digital store, pirate them or buy physical copies. Bought digital copies mostly have their own reader software, pirated ones use CDisplay EX and physical ones use your eyes. 

You have Buffy Season EIght which continues from where both shows ended and then you have Buffy Season Nine AND Angel&Faith which continue from Season 8 ending. 

 The general reading order is

Buffy S8 with Angel:After The Fall and Spike: After The Fall as supplementary optional material, showing what is happening in LA.  There's also Willow one-shot about her romance with a Demon Goddess that happens gods know when.  Angel & Faith | Buffy S9 equally in the  same way as  shows ran together.   Angel & Faith | Buffy S9 | Willow | Spike equally, once Spike miniseries & Willow miniseries start, 
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Okay, so, July 11 we are getting:


11th Issue of BTVS S9 with Spike departing for his own series and Buffy starting her mercenary-for-hire carrier but having hard trouble of controlling her emotions and instinct for slaying/killing.

"Thankfully" the very first case she is paid for puts her directly against the Wolfram&Hart San Francisco branch.  


 July 25, we get


12th Issue of "Angel And Faith", with Willow, Angel, Faith, Gunn and Connor, after a bit of "pushing" from Willow, entering  Quor-Toth, the hell dimension Connor grew up in, that contains the darkest essence of magic.

Willow's goal is seemingly clear and is abotu restoring the Slayer Scythe to  its full former glory and Angel's goal is his quest of resurrecting Giles, which seems to foreshadow some bad shit as a lot of supernatural factions are interested in Angel actually continuing his journey towards his goal. 

Faith on other hand is the actually sane who tags along to make sure that they don't end up murdering each other or doing some (even more stupid) things that they already are known in doing.


 August 08th brings us...


12th issue of BTVS S9, with the whole situation getting out of hand.

Kennedy is having hard time making rational decisions and working with Buffy because well, it reminds of Willow dumping her, which also happened because of Buffy.  

Buffy is struggling with different facets of her life and now her new job that is supposed to at least her pay off her loans, has made her, yet again, the target No1 in supernatural world, thus she decides to allow Koh pay off his debt to her by allowing him to help her in this job. 


August 22th is

The First Issue of "Spike", which, no surprise, involves him angsting over leaving Buffy.

To take off his mind from that he decides to face something that is connected to his past that hides on the moon and thanks to Buffy's actions with magic back then, may very well remind Spike that its there.  


August 29th is


 13th issue of Angel&Faith, with the group struggling in Connor's childhood hell as the motives of each other's reasons to journey there are starting to become more and more clear, as Quor-Toth's very nature is revealing their darkest desires and true faces.


 September 12 brings us


13th Issue of BTVS S9, with Buffy, now prime target of Wolfram&Hart, finding herself having to deal with huge problem caused by Angel during his time in LA all those years ago, as Demons are using a new social network to enter our world despite magic being dead, due to some unknown circumstances that may or may not be connected to Buffy's own mess up.  


September 9th brings us


2nd Issue of Spike miniseries. Having dealt with the moon problem, Spike is forced to revisit the ruins of Sunnydale as something dangerously familiar is stiring allive in the dead craters of Hell on Earth. 


September 26th has


14th Issue of Angel&Faith as the groups ever-so-doomed journey comes to unsurprising hault, with Willow, as arrogant as ever, having absorbed the entirety of darkest magic of Quor-Toth into herself and the rest of them having to face her or suffer death.


October 10th brings us 


14th Issue of BTVS S9, where Buffy, with Spike gone and Willow having ran away with her scythe, has to face her own darker secrets from the last year, as she, alongside a few remaining watchers, has to deal with zombpire infested small town in California....

And disturbing secrets of Slayer nature are awakened in the world without magic.


October 24th brings us


3rd Issue of Spike miniseries, with Spike, tagging along with familiar evil duo in search of something burried in the ruins of Sunnydale, leading to unexpected discoveries and possibly more than he can handle.


October 31st has


Angel&Faith 15th Issue, where Whistler, the demon who was the one to set Angel on this path all these years ago returns to town to confront Angel after his most recent major fuck-up in Quor-Toth.

The history of Angel&Faith vilainuous twins, Pearl and Nash is revealed and Whistler and Angel will have to give each other the last choice - either of redemption or continuing in the darkness they have been threading all this time, as time of choices and consequences approaches for everyone.

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Okay this is hilarious...

Oh willow, your ego is showing.


Also this pretty much reminds me of Faith and buffy melt-downs  :



Also LOL:


Its not like you will spend next 5 issues or so trying to kill everyone, lol nope, sure.  Uhh, Willow, can you get MORE self-centered, egoistic and megalomanic? I am sure you can. 



And in other news, giles immortal aunts now are seriously buggered, having to face Whistler, Pearl and Nash all alone, while that is happening.



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Good stuff. Sounds like good old gang we all know and love. Season 8 of Buffy may have been slightly weird but ar least we get all of these developments from it.
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I am reading the current "Mercenary Arc" and its just hilarious on just how faith-ish Buffy has got over last few years. Dealing with the idea that she is NOT "THE" but "A" Chosen One seems to be a huge problem.


Also the whole "fuck all of the rules I am going to have me some fun" attitude is hilarious.


Especially in the world where Demons can be good...




Also quite a few ego problems. 

hypocrisy at its best lul, the sad part is that even she herself does not believe what she just said and knows just how ridiculously hypocritical it sounds.


Its good that Kennedy out of all people decided to call her out on it all.


Buffy is this "paladin type of person" with a hugely bloated ego, unable to let go that the world is catching up and adapting and that she is no longer the queen of everything.  

 Buffy is unable to let go of being the "superior one". From being on the top of the world. She at some level hates herself for what she did, so just like Faith did in S3, she fully indulges in the whole "Slayer superiority" concept, while Kennedy seems to get the main truth - Being a Slayer does not make you a superior creature, it just makes you REALLY good at killing stuff. 

And now Buffy is starting to piss of Wolfram and Hart, lol.  

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Being a Slayer does not make you a superior creature

It actually does. If you compare to the average human. One get stronger, faster, better reflexes etc. etc. without giving anything up neither physically nor interlectally. And to top it up, it is kinda "metaphysic" in the sense that her physical apperance doesn't change by getting all this strength. 

I would say becomming a slayer make one quite superior to a regular Joe. . .

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It actually does. If you compare to the average human. One get stronger, faster, better reflexes etc. etc. without giving anything up neither physically nor interlectally. 


Does that suddenly mean an  average slayer deserves things for free or has to have more priviledges than any normal human? Are they above normal humans?


Not reall. As I said before, it does make you better at killing stuff, but it does not make you a superior person. 

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