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Well for instance(this might ofcause just be those nitpicking continuity mistakes) where something gets stabbed for something with a sword, and no blood is on the sword or anywhere. 

To be even more nitpicky, depends on material the sword is made from and how well the sword si made. heavier bigger and thicker swords tend to soak in blood and are impossible to clear, while "shiny" light and well-crafted ones can be very easily cleaned. Not that I would know that irl.



 Then the other thing. This has always bugged me but never a lot. Whenever someone is bitten by a vampire their ain't never any blood. Yes the vampires "drain" people for blood, but again, when they drink they puncture the arterie and no blood slips out. 

Vampires in BTVS are efficient - if they want they can drain ENTIRE body of blood within seconds. They can choose to do it slower to prolong the whole proccess, but if they are just feeding its fast. The only cases post S2 that we have really seen them with blood on their faces is when they were interrupted.


 The reason i started thinking about it in the first place is, that in ATS S2 finale on Pylia, the priest dude blows up the head of the "cow"(human). No blood splatter at all. You see some brownish/beige thing in the air, but littaraly no blood no where. His head got blown off for christ sake. Their should have been a fountain of blood from his arterie just spewing blood like a hydrant. No one even gets blood on their clothes. 

I don't remember the case exactly but did he PUNCH the head off, vaporize the head off or blow the head off? Because the blood splatter would differe in each case and would only really be there if its a punch.

Yet again you would be Really disappointed with how blood works IRL. 

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Well he pressed that handle/grip thing and the collar caused his head to explode.

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Well i have bleed quite much a couple of times, but (obviously) never had a fatal wound or a neckbite(lol).


Vampires in BTVS are efficient - if they want they can drain ENTIRE body of blood within seconds

While i imagined this was the case it's seems sorta impossible. Vampire can't create vaccum so they can't really suck on the wound. They sorta just let the blood flow. Even if they could create the necesary vaccum to force the blood out, it seems impossible to swallow that much blood(we are talking about 4 litres) within seconds. 

But maybe I'm putting to much thought into it. . ..

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 Okay this makes it sure: people are starting to forget Dawn:


ALSO FUCK YES ILLYRIA IS BACK and she is apparantly a part of some secret new organisation named "The Council" and she wants to recruit Buffy because its all Buffy's fault?  


And Illyria seems to have her full powers back...




 Willow on other hand seems to continue using magic everywhere she can and the hints continue:



 What the Caterpillar is saying seems to be that good and evil is nto clear cut - evil can be born from good intentions, etc.



Also - remember the original form of dreams and Nightmares that Illyria mentioned in ATS S5? We met them.

The said meeting leads to...strange mindfucky vision(?) nightmare(?) for Willow:

What IS interesting is that its someone's dream. Someone LOST this dream, someone dreamed this and its most likely prophetic. And someone does nto remember it. Who?



At the same time Marrak provided some explanation on how the DreamWorld(the one we saw in Restless, Buffy/Faith S4 two parter, etc) works and how person's subconsciousnes, their dreams, transcends dimensional barriers. 


  And Willow is becoming even bigger egoistic self-centered bitch than before. I mean, SHE GLOATS NOW:

Also we learn how and why Hellmouths are created and Willow is trying to create exactly that. 


 And Willow meeting Saga Vasuki again and Marrak's reaction to it = Hilarious.

Also we see the central witch enclave of the demonic realms:

The Deeper Well of Magic, the central convergence of magic in all the realms and the point of interest of any witch in any dimension. Oh and apparantly everyone there pretty much worships Willow for what she overall did(starting with trying to end the world) The Slayer Sythe has been refered to as  a "counterpart to Excalibur" Also we get another hint that everyone might start forgetting Dawn:

Then Saga Vasuki anounces that Willow's plan sucks and that she can't just "channel" magic into real world - everything yet again pointing towards her becoming magic(as Marrak suggested last chapter) and just taking it back to her world that way, which IMO, is obviously what leads to the future we have seen in season eight.





As for the whole Giles mindfuck - it all makes sense now on why he and Ethan are back, because... guess who is back too:

mind = blown...



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Okay so we finally meet the Council, a group of the most powerful beings on this dimension and that includes certain old "friend":

Why hello there, D'Hoffrynn.

And their goal seems to be to stop Severin who has been powering up for last few months, targetting more and more powerful beings?

On other hand, we have Xander, who is shown to suffer some ptsd from all those years in Sunnydale. He is happy for that part of his life to be over, though and does not regret choosing normal life:

Illyria on other hand is struggling with the whole concept of humanity, with her being more human. . She went on a journey to regain her power, but it did not improve her mood. One way or the other she and Buffy are going after Severin now. 

Dawn on other hand....well, fuuuuuuck.

Seems that the spell that made her is failing, just like all continuous spells. I am beginning to suspect that Willow will "Consume" Dawn(like she threatened in end of S6) in order to return magic to the world, bringing upon the whole future we have seen.

Either way, for now it seems Dawn is on the verge of dying. CLiffhanger~



And then ANOTHER cliffhanger happens as Severin ambushes Illyria and Buffy. 


















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Hey guys!!

I finished Buffy and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! Like I'm obsessed and I wanna know everything about it. So you're my go-to guys about anything BTVS. 

I'm still watching Angel and when I finish it I'm going to watch Firefly and Dollhouse and basically everything from Joss Whedon. 

And I want you to educate me! Give me articles to read. And where can I read the comics? Just tell me everything I need to know about BTVS and Whedon. 

(((I'm gonna start reading everything in this thread now.)))

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lol i love you even more, kitty will tell you, I only have a little time to spare, I actually have an offline collection more than a soft collection of buffy/angel stuffs

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you ship buffy/angel?

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I think she meant btvs/ats, not bangel.

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oohhh ok yeah that makes sense

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