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Not all shows need a female lead though. Just because a show doesnt it doesnt make the show sexist.
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Ah ok:) Although i don't agree with the sexcism part(i have never seen Supernatural though).  

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(i have never seen Supernatural though).

Two guys kill monsters and have showers.

A random female appears every two or three  episodes to either:

get killd as a victim. turn out evil and get killed. turn out evil, get killed as a victim.


Not all shows need a female lead though. Just because a show doesnt it doesnt make the show sexist. 

But it should have a strong female cast members that are prominent.  Otherwise good show or not a good show, it is kind of sexist :)

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Lady Stark:)

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Got is pretty much run by female cast. Danny is one of the most important characters of entire show, Sansa while completely NORMAL person who does NOT matter in general picture, is still very prominent character and yes, Catelyn. 


While technically show leads are mostly male, the female cast is very prominent and important.


If Grimm manages to get prominent important and independent female cast members that are not ther ejust for the sake of domestic plot, then Grimm will most likely succeed as good show.  

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Promo for the rest of the season


The Captain is a long-term character. The Blonde is actually recurring character some sort of dangerous thing coming after Nick. There's some gray morality thing going on where Grimm's are not total goodguys and Monsters are not total badguys  Lots of new characters. THANKFULLY, show is not going to be strictly "case of week" story and will actually have a proper mytharc, ala be a "procedural/serial" hybrid ala btvs/ats was.


Also THe cast picture:


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So, ep2 aired:

intense beginning of episode. Shows like supernatural would most likely had them both die or female get killed while male escapes.  Filming style still strongly reminds of ATS. The fairytale and monster presentation rocks so far. Grimm Reapers. heee. So there are other grimms scattered through the world. Good to see that blonde badgirl seems to be recurring so far. And the prophetic dream mindfuckery is added to another set of similar feeling. LOL at the blutpod friend getting interrupted. Good to see the "monsters" being more gray morality stuff. Traditon VS Present times, etc. Monroe. Fucking. Kicks. Ass. Auntie. fucking. kicks. ass. :(((( cliffhanger yet again.
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And Grimm Ratings continue to hold steady with a solid   5.92 for second episode.!!


On side note, don't go the oficial website,especially character bios as it kind of spoils of what kind of beastie Captain Renard actually is. That certainly was unexpected and shocked me, but it kind of adds a very interesting layer to the show and I can't wait to find out on how they will explain it. 


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Okay third episode continues ATS/BTVS style tradition of mixing the story arc with the procedural elements.

We got very nice start to lore background of some old feud between hexenbeasts and the bee people. the blondie hexenbeast did not die. YES. Nick is settling into his role REALLY fast and REALLY WELL. The actor was quite wooden in first ep, better in second and now he actually shows talent : the dialogue scene between the blondie and him? Chilling. Interesting bits of overall conspiracy. Considering I already know what kind of Beastie Captain Renard is, I have no wonder on whether  the bees wanted to warn nick about GrimmReapers or... MONROE the blutbatt is still awesome. "This is so the part where sidekick gets it...." as well as his little whiny "are we going upstairs?....we are going upstairs.... :[" was so much fun. 
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this show sounds really promising, 

i might have a look 

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