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ABC has 2 new awesome shows with OUAT and Revenge. And your right on with all the characters on QUAT.
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Ugh, I'm a fairytale dork especially with disney, and I already saw a few eps showing that they follow the disney tales mostly 

They mix and match but in most of cased, apart from basics, they outright subvert the fairytale, disney version or not. The dysney stuff are mostly the nods to it(like some of costume design for the princesses) 


Snow White version so far is turning out to be darker than the original brother grimms version. Not as dark as Andrzej Sapkowski's "Renfri"(in which Snow White was a damn psycho) version from his The Witcher novels, but still one of the most different adaptations of it in a long long time, if not just for how the characterization of Snow White and Queen is handled. 

Its nice to see a Snow White who does not mope around too much, can be vengeful and cynnical and very very dark when needed(to the point that only thin line separates her from how Queen is) 

And there's apparantly more to it too, since both Snow and Queen acknowledge that Queen has a damn good reason to want Snow suffer.


It would really fit this show if it turned out that Queen is also one of the "princesses', but someone who, thanks to Snow, got a very bad ending, unlike in the fairytale.


Prince Charming's backstory is a very strange, yet interesting mix of at least three fairy tales and a couple of greek mythology tidbits. 


Overall I'd say OUAT's unconventional upside-down crazy plot-twisty fairytale versions are way darker than disney ones, with which they only share the most basic premises and some of designs.


Otherwise its similar to Lost. The "flashbacks" start with the latest one being Queen's curse's enactment and go in anachronic order through the timeline, showing how various fairy-tales and characters are connected to each other. And in some ways those flashbacks connect to what is happening in the "present". 


 but dude was that Aladdin working with the Queen?

Nope. As far as we know Aladdin either is not there or we did not get introduced to him yet. 

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I think she's confusing the news reporter for Aladdin.
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Snow White version so far is turning out to be darker than the original brother grimms version.

I personally found even Disney's to be dark, sure you had the cute animals and the derpy dwarves, but the whole sending the hunter to rip her heart out and put it in that box? As a child that gave me the chills. Lol. The old lady with the apple (the queen) also freaked me the fuck out. And yeah, I thought the news reporter or guy that tricked Emma was aladdin, because he had a lamp. (caught the last 5 mins of the ep)
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Rumplestiltskin is the man!   So creepy and crazy and yet charming at the same time.   And I do love Regina.   She is HBIC.  She is so evil.  

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Just saw the second sneak peek. Yep. Snow is back to the way she was before falling in love with Charming.  Snow white being all evil is awesome awesome sight.   Of course its obvious that she will eventually remember her love, but it does give us a very nice insight into the queen/snowwhite dynamic and what losing everything you had can do to a person.

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i watched the first epi last night, was a good start. its nice to have a character thats flawed. she gave up her kid at 18.

anyway so are these characters allowed to leave storybrooke?

going to watch the second episode in abit...


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anyway so are these characters allowed to leave storybrooke?

Only Emma(and to extension and as exception that one time, Henry) can leave the town.  


Everyone else can't and  its implied that if they would try, somehow it would be prevented. 

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I see this show all over Tumblr! Is it any good? 

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I see this show all over Tumblr! Is it any good? 


Yes. this show, alongside revenge, are easily two best things to have started this year/lastyear.


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