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Regina's awesome! I love how she's gives her heart back to her. Lol but I like that the guy that got into the accident was the little kid. I saw that coming when I new the date was 1983. Plus ouat version of ground hog day classic! Lol

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So I am beginning to think that it won't be someone going TO neverland - It will be neverland invading storybrooke to take the magic, because the magic is running out in their world (we know magic is dying everywhere)

Then first half of S3 will be the cast trying to bring back Snow White to good.  

I am also interested on if we will find out who was the first Dark One and who created the Dark One's Curse(since Blue said its foreign to FTL)



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Okay so according to that magazine article, the season finale will have:

"gamechanged" for Neal/Rumple relationship. A "Big" clash between Mary Margaret and Regina. Rumple's "surprising actions" Neverland's Lost Boys. 



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While I did not care too much of August plot, I did LOVE Snow's character development this episode:

She seems to have anger management problems now as shown by archery scene. She is harboring a pent up rage from all the emotional problems, but unlike Rumple or Regina she has nowhere to direct it yet.The music choice is also important - punk rock(which thematically is anti-hippie, anti-idealist, anti-utopian movement), song about self-identity and apathy. Song would fit to Faith’s playlist too.  Her reaction to Blue’s comment about August becoming wood because he was wood before was interesting. It seems she is slowly contemplating the idea that she always was capable of malevolence and darkness.  The legendary Geppetto slap scene. She clearly acted on impulse and was surprised of being able to. She is clearly nervous afterward and her apology and “forgiveness” to Geppetto sounds only half-sincere -she is far too distracted by what she did just now and by her own emotional state to mean it and is more than happy to change the subject. The scene with David at the end. Now its interesting that while David is reassuring her, Snow brings up the PRICE the redemption took on August. Could it imply that she is not willing to pay one? Sounds like that to me. Also its quite clear that she was not entirely convinced by David’s reassurance. What’s more, SEEING what August went through for redemption, seems to have taken away her belief that everyone(read:her) is capable of it.

Snow has always repressed her anger and impulses - that’s what kept her “pure” - she had moral barriers due to her mother’s death. barriers that kept her in check. and they are no longer there. And now Snow is one step away from the true dark side - all it takes is something very tragic to happen around her and Snow will go completely cray cray.

Will she gain redemption eventually? Yes. But not before going completely off the far end. And I guess the 2x20, aptly titled “The Evil Queen” will have that catalyst.


Otherwise big surprise...Tamara is evil. Everyone saw that coming, tbh. 

By her comments I am guessing she is from Neverland and since Neal did nto knwo who she is, Hook most likely is Peter. 




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Flora had always thought Blue was an evil bitch rofl


i have yet to see it, and I wanted to be so surprised but I can tell

how mean and bitchy she can get starting from fairy girl that was played by the lovely Amy Acker

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I never said anything about Blue Fairy being evil. 

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Still can't get over the perfection of Snow's music taste in her anger-session

Seriously, perfect 

Girl has issues, but no real target to direct the anger that stems from them to yet

















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we have a feeling blue can be the big bad

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