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And in the end the only one to realy benefit fromt he whole situation was Gold himself, having used both sides.Agreed. I love how the writers have written Gold- he is nether on Emma's nor on Regina's side, he's only looking out for himself. Everybody he manipulates and every deal he makes is for his own personal agenda.

I wonder what happens to Rumpelstlistkin once the curse breaks. There must be something in it for him- there's a reason that the baby he got for Regina was Harry. He knew that it was bound to bring Emma to Storybrooke.

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The way I see it EVERYTHING we have seen Rumple doo in flashbacks was build up for a curse - for example he VERY knowingly played along with Cinderella's plan to entrap him knowing where he would end up and the whole Charming backstory seemed to be clearly there so Rumple could manipulate into THAT charming meeting Snow White(the original prince would have killed the dragon but the encoutner with snow would not go this way, while the farmer charming would have no way of being placed into the encounter with snow)

He possibly even played Jimony so he would end up protecting the person who would be responsioble of making the wardrobe for Emma.

And he clearly manipulated Regina more than once.  

Rumple can, as we know, see future, so its not as far-fetched.


he wants curse to break, but he never ever once in the pilot epsiode said anything on what will happen then. he did nto promise them that everything with return to normal. he did not promise them ANYTHING to go bafck to way it was.  the only thing he said was that "then the final battle will begin" 

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This show certainly HATES even idea of status quo and loves turning everything into crazy rollercoaster.


If what I think happens happens, then oh gods.  

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I am so behind, Gonna watch in the summer
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Well this episode explaiend nothing and gave EVEN MORE QUESTIONS.


Where's Baelfire. Could he be August's superior? The one August called at the start of episode? Does Blue Fairy remember? Is it possible that she masterminded this whole situation and pretty much manipulated Rumple to this end? Emma, unknown to herself, is pretty much using the same tactics against Regina that Regina has used for decades against Snow White. And that is just for TRYING to take away MM from Emma. Makes you wonder on what Emma will do, how far and how dark will she go, once she finds out the truth about Graham. 
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Well it did answer one question: the reason for the curse and what drove Rumplestiltskin to create it in the first place.   I do think the blue fairy remembers because she was the one who planted the idea that August was his son into Mr. Gold's mind.  However, it is still unclear who August is and why he had to convince Mr. Gold that he was his son.     

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WE know why he created it, but we still do not know why he is actively working on it to break.


What happens when? He never even once said on what will happen then , when he was explaining it to Snow White. considering rumple wins by playing with the words he says, thats huge. 

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So now we know that there will be a "comparable" death toll by the end of finale. Wondering who dies. 



So fsar I guess Reginas, Gold, Henry, Emmas, Mary are safe as they all have open plotlines. 

August is pretty much a goner and David has a big possibility of ending up dead. 

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Oh god the fandom reaction to that plotline scares me and amuses me at the same time.


So much over-exaggeration.


I guess some people still for some reason EXPECT a fairytale out of this, despite teh fact that this show has proved that while it has fairytales and is about them, it itself is NOT a fairytale 

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Well this explains why she does NOT believe. Perfectly.


Her own magic fueled by her own denying clouds her from everything she should have seen and believed.  

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