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This needs to go up now.



Anyway, I am now entirelly convinced that Daniel is the dead body on the beach of the first episode flashforward.

AFter this week's episode,  I would not be surprised on if R-Amanda/Emily reclassifies him as part of targets soon.  His death  might be collaterial damage, bu tnow its clear that he is a tool or target in her plan of some sort in that future scene. 

FranklY i would not be surprised if R-Amanda/Emily has gotten to the point by then when killing someone is not  a problem for her.  She does seem to grow darker and more vengeful with every episode.


This episode? That look she gave victoria at the end of episode...


thats "bitch you will burn" look for sure. 

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The way this episode handled the end scene, I would not be surprised on if R-Amanda/Emily would start to channel all that anger and fury towards Daniel too (we do know since EP1 flashback that htey have been fighting and arguing with each other a lot)

Victoria doing what she did might as well caused her son to be in a whole lot more danger.  

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Also going by the newest spoilers I am dreading about Nolan possibly betraying R.Emily somehow.


Also can't wait to find out what kind of revenge plot will be the focus of Season Two - we already know that the season will end in a flashforward/timeskip similar to S1 premiere.  

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I am more interested on whom could Emily possibly target the next season 

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What if victoria looks for revenge against Emily?

If she finds out who Emily really is, she will be out for revenge I think... but I doubt that it will come out this season that she's Amanda Clarke. And I have to say I really like Emily and Nolan as a team but not as a couple. I like Jack/Emily more...


I guess the season ends with the beginning where Daniel has been shot...

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It could be that sensei guy who trained her,he seemed like trouble at the end...

Frankly Thats what I am thinking. It does seem that Emily herself is being used by someone to take out victoria's family or something.  It could very well be that after emily finds that out she is not going to just sit back and let herself be used.  


 Is it certain that Emily will target someone? what if she's the target? What if someone finds her out and...gets pissed? What if victoria looks for revenge against Emily?

 Frankly I hope its not that. That would be like Elena being badass or Jane from Mentalist  giving up  on his revenge or Jarod from The Pretender being the one who is taught a cruel lesson instead of schooling others. 

Emily is always in danger. There are people who want to get rid of her every episode.  I just can't imagine that being the plotline of whole season. COnsequences from what she did catching up to her? SURE. Entire season of her being helpless and targeted? Would go against this whole show so far.  

but I doubt that it will come out this season that she's Amanda Clarke.

It will obviously since Ep1 flashforward seems to indicate she already knows by that point.

 The show won't be set in the Hamptons forever. We know that next season is set in the big city. But thats all that is known. 

I guess the season ends with the beginning where Daniel has been shot.

Nope. The flashforward even t is apparantly episode 15. No one knows on what the hell is going on from then till season finale.



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Also we know that someone important dies in 15th episode and then in the finale wedding (unknown of whose) someone will die again, concluding this whole thing and leading to s2 plots.

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Nope. The flashforward even t is apparantly episode 15. No one knows on what the hell is going on from then till season finale.

Really? I didn't know that... that's only like 3 episodes away! Do you also have a clue who shot him?

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no idea on if its daniel or who shot  him. 


from episode one we know that:

Emily was at some point on the beach(she shrugs off sand from her hands in the party). However its unknown whether she is involved in any way with what happens to the person who is shot. Victoria knows who Emily is. Emily and Daniel have been bickering and fighting "over something" The shot person is NOT conrad as Conrad IS in the party with Victoria.

Spoiler wise all that is known is that:

Someone WILL get dead in that party. Someone will get arrested afterward. Victoria will get a love interest. Someone is getting married in finale but the wedding is "Crowned" by another important death. Season finale ends with flashforward akin to S1 premiere, showing the "next"  plot set in a big city(don't remember which)
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Well this definatly sounds good, so I'm looking forward to it! :)

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