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You must be slipping. How in God's name can you say i paraphrased you when you clearly wrote "he is Joffery" and i'm saying he is so NOT! You shouldn't have made that specific comparison then if its so easily denouced that anything thats even remotely counters it can be seem as a paraphrase. The "he is Joffery" is completely out of nowhere.I said h is joffrey, BUT. and then exlained how he differs. 

You quoted I sad He is joffrey, BUT. And then you expplained how he differs.

Your backwards racism (and sexism) is ridiculous, Get out. If Derek was a brother then you would have been off the wall about his impalement. Red is black, I'm half, and we don't notice half the stuff you come up with. (inb4thatsyourownignorance), I can't wait till you find stuff to complain about Deaton and MarinYou don't see me complaining about Boyd, do you?

Also I already complained about Deaton and Morelli - they have been relegated to "advisors and servants" role and depending on how its handled, it might be another case of tvd's witches. 

 Boy don't test me. How in the HELL is it "quite obvious" when the word druid was just mentioned LAST EPISODE in the THIRD SEASON??? You need to realize that no one takes quite the large leaps in logic that you do because we don't have all the information. Its a good theory BUT it is far from obvious. IN SHOW? Yeah.

OTHERWISE? Any person who finished grade school has an average and decent grasp on WHAT druid is - the whole "druids started it" speculation has been going on for a while, ever since Deaton put emphasis on "shifter" part. 

There ACTUALLY being actual druids in the show is just one of first confirmations of that. 

Fair enough, but you seem to forget that this show is also about MAGIC not just about psychology and i refuse to believe that simply THINKING about something can produce results in this world.

 And you seem to forget that Magic is also about...DUN DUN DUNNNNN - psychology

Deaton already explained that magic works when you believe in it because you believe in it. Come on, Red - find better arguments and stop arguing for sake of arguing. 

  Alpha in this show means LITERAL alpha with glowy eyes right? Cause i am not talking about emotional alpha. 

And I am talking that the said "emotional alpha" BECOMING "real alpha" through an extreme situation where his "pack"(read friends) are put in danger.

In the promo we see that Deucalion is pretty much interested in Scott and is goading him into killing one  of his alphas to become an alpha -  he also urges him "to surprise him" - and we all know scott NEVER does what villains want. He will turn alpha by his own surprising him.

And frankly Scott already has displayed that he IS above normal werewolves:

He overcame both alpha's control over him. He effortlessly beat Boyd, Erica and Isaac in the skating ring and is seemingly stronger. Werewolves are drawn to him and listen to him. People and non-people are inspired by him. He justdid the whole "sit the fuck down" growl at Isaac that Derek did.

To me that tell sthat the PROCCESS of becoming an alpha has started for quite  some time - now all scott needs is extreme danger for his friends or family. Like, let's say - her mother's throat getting cut?


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Deaton is a bad ass motherfucking boss don't you dare degrade him by calling him a poc with bonniebennett syndrome, eff you. And yes you threw a comment on Boyd last week, i laffed. Now topic aside, what is your take on Harris? Why does he connect to things and supposedly knows about the shit going on, AND WHY DID HE HELP THE DRUID 

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Deaton is a bad ass motherfucking boss don't you dare degrade him by calling him a poc with bonniebennett syndrome, eff you.I agree with this, yet I see possibility for that happening.

Bonnie had badass moments in S1 too. And then they turn her into a slave mid-season. 


 And yes you threw a comment on Boyd last week, i laffed.Because last week it was freaking obvious and something teen wolf never did before. I mean seriously "black man goes after your kids" is the OLDEST trope of racism ever. 

Now topic aside, what is your take on Harris? Why does he connect to things and supposedly knows about the shit going on, AND WHY DID HE HELP THE DRUID I am clueless, completely. Its one of the misteries we will have to wait for reveal, alongside with blue eyed werewolves, the fact that Deucalion quoted Gerard in the premiere and that werewolves seem to be control weather and cause electrical outages with FEELS alone. 



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oh and Scott's father, the "bad bad man", Melissa ran away from. 

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Sorry, but whoever the nobody was who posted yours, it can't even compare to Price's awesomeness. 





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After I posted it I got kind of annoyed with the dialogue, majority of it is just the writer talking to herself instead of the characters actually saying something. Like rly, learn to recap. Your commentary doesn't go on the pictures

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ASo now we know that in July 9th episode a major character will get permakilled. 

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Oh man, this whole episode was a bit mindscrew, basically.

Good to see that the whole natural alpha theory did turn out to be true.

Otherwise I just have no idea on what the hell happened in those 40 minutes of this episode…

I love when shows do the whole anachronistic storytelling thing, but I am not sure Teen Wolf succeeded at it.

Also more signs towards werewolves having some sort of psychic powers?

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