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i saw the kiss between jeremy and bonnie, and i really hated it!!!! I was just screaming NO in my head.

I don´t know why but i just can´t see these two together, i don´t feel like they belong together. Bonnie is a strong and kind women, and jeremy (in my opinion) is a young (but atractive) teenager who can´t keep up with her. (in Damons Words:a 16 year old CHILD)

Damon on the other hand....he can relate to bonnie, because he knows how it is to not being Normal and Bonnie seems like the only person who can easily make Damon stay on his toes. She can defend herself against him and doesn´t back down when he threatens her, on the contrary she threatens him back. I know that right now she is pretty pissed at him and only tolerates him because of Elena and Stefan(it´s understandable why.) But i still hope that in the future the two of them can be friends and maybe even a couple. XD


P.s. : if you are a beremy shipper...please don´t say anything unappropriated, this is after all a pro bamon topic and not a  ` hate on the poster of this topic´ topic (i´ve seen this a lot), but you can still leave your opinions!! Thank You


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Jeremy cares about Bonnie, he may be a kid but he's strong he risked his life and entered the tomb to get the moonstone so Bonnie couldn't do it cuz magic weakens her, he comforted her....etc etc...What has Damon done for Bonnie to deserve her???????nada yh Jeremy might be a kid but in this case he's the right guy for Bonnie

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In season 1 I didn't like Jeremy but this season his character has really evolved and stuff. Bonnie= hates vampires

Jeremy= possible vampire hunter in the future

Bonnie + Jeremy= perfect match

They both are strong and protective of their loved ones... They care about each other and are really good ppl and stuff... I like them as a couple... I prefer them as compared to Bamon becoming a couple at least... 

I think that at this stage the most you can expect from Bonnie and Damon are them to become friends... 

But I heard that the show will eventually explore Bamon and c how it goes...

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Bonnie is a strong and kind women, and jeremy (in my opinion) is a young (but atractive) teenager who can´t keep up with her. (in Damons Words:a 16 year old CHILD)

Bonnie may be a strong person, but I think you're forgetting that she is also a teenager - only 17, maybe 18. She's still technically a kid; though I do think her and Jeremy are both a lot more mature than their age dictates, simply due to the fact that they've been through so much in the past couple years.

As for the Bonnie/Damon reasonings - I just can't really see them as more than friends (if that). They have very different philosophies on life and what's 'right'. I'd be curious to see how the writers would write a friendship between them, but I just don't really see it being a romantic thing.

Personally, I really like the dynamic that Katerina Graham and Steven R. McQueen, and I think they have tons of chemistry. I'm liking how, unlike last season, their relationship is showing the audience a different side of both the characters - a happy side.

Anyways, those are my thoughts on the topic 

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OMG!!!! A Bamon thread....very just don't see a lot of these!!!! haha

A lot of people don't like the idea of Bamon....mostly Delena fans....but yet, people fuss a lot over this ship!!!! haha

I don't see the chemistry that Bamon fans see, I prefer Beremy. They are a sweet couple and I think that they need that. They need someone that they can trust, that's not going to hurt them and let's face it...whether Damon falls in love with Bonnie or not...he's never gonna forget he's never gonna forget Katherine. As much as he says he hated her...I still believe that he stills feels something for her...even though for me he's feelings towards her were more obsession-like then love, although he did love her.

Think about it, after everything Damon's said in the last few episodes, "She wants me to be the better man, which means I can't be who I am." and "I can't be what other people want me to be. What she wants me to be" and this is about Elena who's dating a vampire....and is supposed to understand....Bonnie on the other hand hates vampires....even though she can't keep from being in the middle....She's confused...just like Jeremy!!!! PERFECT!!! THEY CAN BE CONFUSED CUTE COUPLE TOGETHER!!!! haha

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personally, i never saw the chemsitry between Bonnie and Damon but after that episode where they were all at the party with Katherine (i cant remember the episode) i could immediatly see the chemistry between Bonnie and Jeremy. i think them two are better suited to each other.

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beremy is flawless

your argument is invalid

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Beremy don't have things in common???

They both feel alone. They both don't know how to act with the vampire situation. They don't know how to stay out of all the vampire stuff. They've known eachother since forever. They get eachother in so many ways unlike Bonnie, who doesn't get Damon.

Jeremy's not's not his fault that his parents died in a car accident. It's not his fault that Damon turned Vicky and Stefan killed her. It's not his fault that stupid Uncle John killed ANNA!!! In that case Damon's doomed to repeat history again as Katherine loved Stefan more then him and Elena's the same.

He's noy pathetic when he's with Bonnie!!!! He's romantic!!!! Maybe a little cheesy....but he's romantic!!!!

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Bamon will not happen. Bonnie won't forgive Damon for being the reason her grandmother died. She died opening the tomb to free Katherine who wasn't even there. Her grandmother wasted her enerrgy for nothing. Bonnie can't forget that, her grandma was close to her.

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That's a good point, but I think they still have a good chance of having some sort of relationship whether it's as friends or as a couple. They're already, albeit reluctantly, working as allies for a common cause: Protect Elena. That's progress. They might eventually have a truce. You're right about her not forgetting, but I think she can forgive. She saved his life, that's huge. She did it for Stefan and Elena, but when he thanked her at the parade, he surprised her and I think she felt guilty for lying.

For now, they stand a good chance of building a friendship. Bonnie just needs to get over her fear of Damon, and Damon needs to earn Bonnie's respect and trust.


I would have like Bonnie and Jeremy more if it wasn't so contrived and obivious. They did the characters and the actors an injustice by throwing them together with poor writing, little screentime and development. They just cleaned Jeremy up, put him in a suit and put him on the path to manhood by making him play the hero and act like cares for Bonnie all of sudden.  She is an awesome girl,  but they didn’t  do a good at showing how this came about. I guess he likes her because she’s witch, and feels sorry for her because she has nosebleeds. Jeremy was chasing after a girl like Vicki who was loose and wild with low self-esteem, and was trying to kill himself to become a vampire over Anna. It's fine if he wants to live and help with the cause, but now all of a sudden he cares about Bonnie? Bonnie was the one who was independent and strong and took care herself when Grams died. Jeremy is the one who weak and was ready to give up on life. I'm just not buying it. "You turned into this hot guy..". They're making Bonnie look desperate and like Jeremy is the only guy Bonnie can get, but I guess he's all they're willing to give her. 

At all cost, I don't hate them. I just find conveniant for the writers, and it's  not believable. I do feel sorry for Jeremy, and Bonnie does need some attention. And if it's only for a little, they deserve to be happy. These characters are so miserable and serious on this show.

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