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caroline obvsly...actually im half hoping that they kill her this season,so that i could finally stop torturing myself with this train wreck of a show.

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Nor I could handle his grammaticaly excellent paragraphed opinions. lol 


A match made in heaven! i'm in to make fanarts for nynyshi
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@Zoe, HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are you? Now that I started watching Revenge, let me express my likeness about your icon!


Hey Amie! I'm doing well. Revenge is a fantastic show.The writers automatically from the beginning established key personality traits; they drew a wonderful dynamic between Emily's inner needs and the turmoil of developing an essential gap between the emotional roller coaster she fights so hard to extinguish, and her relentless pursuit for revenge. Plus, they continued to captivate the audience by adding elements to the plot that allow specific moral questions to emerge to the forefront of this show.



Awesome doesn't even begin to cover it.

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lol Zoe my love,


I love revenge but  I want Emily and Nolan and I want fauxmanda to die

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