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I loved this girl, idk if i'm the only one. lol. I think kill her was unfair (SO unfair!), she was Stefan's older friend! (How could you? Dmn) That was the only reason that made me hate Damon.


Even if she appaer just one ep, i loved it! Lexi is/was so hilarious!


I know she is just a guest star, but she's my favorite, lol, I re-watched 162 candles like 20 times because of Lexi. Stefan was so hurt :l

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i loved lexi too mainly cause i have a fem crush on arielle krebbel. (she's so hot)

sooooo yessss. i was sad damon killed her too. fucking damon :(

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That was the only reason that made me hate Damon.

yea same here and she wasso sweet to elena! he shouldnt have killed her..friends before "work" but no damon is a bit too selfseeking


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My first reaction to Lexi was "omg, she's from John Tucker must Die" (I love that movie). I also really liked her character, I wish she was explored a little deeper but oh well, what can you do?

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