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Oh and the writers said we'll get more Klaus (as Tyler) and Care interaction yesssssss


Yeah! Well, then I am definitively tuning in!


As for Kol, an sl with him and Damon does sound interesting. Plus,  I remember Klaus saying that he has hopes for Kol, so maybe they could go into that too.  I think overall, the Originals were underused this season and I would have liked to see them doing things together, not just being in one or two episodes. Klaus and Elijah interaction are also of interest to me. Oh, and I would really like to get an explanation as to why Klaus needed a hybrid army, I am sorry, but I do not buy that "he wanted a new family" and he did not want to be alone bs, in the second episode of s3 when Stefan asked Klaus about it he said that if you are powerful enough no one dares to go against you, I don't believe that Klaus said that line just for nothing, I think there is something behind it. I see it as a link to the new villain, with an actual threat to Klaus.

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I always saw the hybrid army as protection. Why would it be to have a family when he basically treated them like they were nothing? It's not like he ever had drinks with them at the bar or go to Disneyland. So I always called bull on that theory. Yeah he doesn't want to be alone but I think the goal was to have hybrids for protection from mikael, Esther, and etc, and then initially he was going to unite his family, but Elijah messed his plan up. He even confesses after Elijah woke them all up that he was going to do it himself eventually. He just needed hybrids to make people reluctantly side with him. But really those things are useless, Stefan and Elijah killed them so easily
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well bby hybrids have lost their scary power when we found out that jeremy gilbert went dexter morgan on them. lol

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with a kitchen utensil lul

so we just need to watch bobby flay to know how to kill a hybrid lul

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im looking forward for kol and katherine and actual tyler coming back somehow ..

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Here's what i want to ACTUALLY see in season 4:

1. Elena struggling and adjusting to being a vamp. It was relatively easy for Car and we only got one episode of Abby struggling. We need an actual vampire 101 course with a newbie and the challenges and temptations that they face. Placing Miss Perfect in the way of temptation and seeing her struggle.....and fail would be AWESOME.

2. Klaroline sex as Forwood sex. Sick but also awesome, just here me out. If Klaus started to romance Car under the guise of being Tyler and she fell for this "different" side of him, then it would make for an awefully complicated confrontation when everything is indeed revealed. Car's heart would be torn, she would hate herself but be unable to deny that, just like Damon ad Elena, there is something between her and Klaus that she cannoty deny. It may be wrong, but its i said, AWESOME-SAUCE.

3. Katherine. She is by far my biggest regret in TVD. Here is a character with LIMITLESS potential that is being used as a backburner and plot device whenever the mood suits Damon for another supernatural sidekick for his plans.........WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?? If i remember correctly, Kat was a BAMF once upon a time. Bitch needs to be reintroduced on the regular and fast. 

4. More Kol, less Rebecca. Her storline as a poor unloved and easily manipulated Original has been SORELY overused. I've lost count at the amount of times Matt/Elena/Damon.....just flung her the smallest of fake affection and she came running like a fucking german sheperd. Bitch needs to bounce with her sorry ass and GET A LIFE that does not revolve around high school. Its pathetic that she's 1000+ and she spends her time fighting over being the planner of the homecomming dance.......REALLY PLEC? REALLY? Kol on the other hand is an exciting new character that we the audience know the least about. To this day his passions and motivations are a complete mystery. Much can and should be done with his character. 

5. Less triangle, more story. Since Elena has supposedly made her choice, let her stick to it for a while and forget about the triangle. Focus on the actual development of this new villain and THE RAMIFICATIONS OF WHAT HAPPENED AT THE END OF LAST SEASON. Mainly, the council FINALLY having a clue and Bonnie tapping into dark magic. Let there be CONSEQUENECES for once, don't just fast forward 2 months and tell us that Damon compelled the council to forget. THAT WOULD BE UTTER BULLSHIT. Let there be some new HIRED vamp hunters that come to town or something. As for Bonnie, we need to see her getting seduced by the dark side, Cassie Blake style. SHe needs to come of age as a witch ans stop being the salvatore fix it witch bitch. Here's a thought, remember that other Bennit witch that she met who Katherine was working with in season 2, let Bonnie run into her again and start hanging out and learning from her. From what i could tell, that witch was no angel and could be just who Bonnie needs to help her define an identity.

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you all know why im tuning in to this trainwreck for the next season.

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Very disappointed with this season and I'll DVR next seasons episode. But this show has lost its way. But just to chime in on Elena turning. This season hasn't lead up us thinking she would turn and if anything she's been against it. From her crying to Stefan about not wanting to be a vampire and even uncle John sacrificing himself for her to make the choice one day. Wow! What a waste of a sacrifice and another potentially great character with John. He's pr
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Uncle John is probably yelling from his grave that he died for nothing! Lol
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Looking forward to great storylines and character development and of course the return of Katherine-God i miss that bitch.I hope Klaus will return in his true form.
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