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@John:i have said it before that if Elena become a vampire then John died for nothing and honestly i never thought she would turn this Season even though i know at one point she will turn i just didn't think she turn now.
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She should of turned sooner and it should of been willingly. But instead we have a rip off twilight ending. If TVD wanted separate itself from true blood & twilight. Then they could of by turning her at the end of season 1 or 2. Now I find True blood to be a lot better then TVD and that's not saying much.
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Will probably watch the bits of premiere on youtube once it airs to see how they retcon turnings and other things isnce we all know nothing sticks in this show. 

Have no expectations at all. I thought it could only get better after the end of S2 finale and th show managed to surprise me by going even worse and more nonsensical and this finale felt disjointed and badly writen even more than both previous finales put together(and tvd already did NOT have strong finales with most of final 4 eps sucking every season)

 The only think I see that could make the show get better is if they get new writers...New lead writers, new episodic writers, new directors(because oh god does cinematography in this show suck), etc. As long as Plec is at the helm, the show will continue failing.

The sensible thing storywise would obviously be to dedicate the season to showing Elena's flaws and darker sides, her struggle, as well as getting actually interesting flashbacks to the time she as not boring(which we have yet to see). Get Klaus off the Tyler's body as fast as possible. Keep the original boring family the fuck away from the show, keep the twilight drama the fuck away from the show, keep the floor mop that is bonnie the fuck away from the show.

Also, the best thing they can do is to IGNORE most of shit in S2 and S3. At the same time it would be nice if her current "stay" with steffie would end in break up over her different behavior, to the point that Steffie would be the one going all "you can't do that elena" while Damon is the opposite. Sadly yet again that all requires writers and not monkeys to sit behind those typewriters.  

 Uncle John is probably yelling from his grave that he died for nothing! Lol

What grave? He alongside everyone is chilling in the afterlife sipping drinks and waiting when they can get resurrected.

 2. Klaroline sex as Forwood sex. Sick but also awesome, just here me out. 

I am sorry but eww. Rape is now awesome?Gee I did not know. 

 3. Katherine. She is by far my biggest regret in TVD. Here is a character with LIMITLESS potential that is being used as a backburner

Unless  she is actually used properly as Elena's FOIL this time, she should stay there. one elena is irritating enough....two elenas...eww.



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She should of turned sooner and it should of been willingly. 

Yes to sooner, no to willingly.

THIS EXACT SAME SITUATION would have been perfect to be incorporated into Season one finale. Except without meredith.  

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Uncle John is probably yelling from his grave that he died for nothing! Lol

Uncle John is not amused. I bet he's wondering why his daughter didn't take after Isobel's smart genes/

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Klaroline sex as Forwood sex. Sick but also awesome, just here me out. If Klaus started to romance Car under the guise of being Tyler and she fell for this "different" side of him, then it would make for an awefully complicated confrontation when everything is indeed revealed. Car's heart would be torn, she would hate herself but be unable to deny that, just like Damon ad Elena, there is something between her and Klaus that she cannoty deny. It may be wrong, but its i said, AWESOME-SAUCE.


okhl;fhfkhfgklhj WHAT. I DUNNO RED. I FIND THAT STRANGE LOL. I'd prefer no Forwood (klaroline) sex in Tyler's body, I just couldn't find the awesome in that. It's obvious they're going to continue klaroline in season 4 though. Also, I want Caroline and Rebekah to find out Klaus and Tyler are alive by the premiere. Those poor bbys, they're too pretty to cry :(
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Alot of you guys seem to really enjoy Klaus, I just want him to die. Klaroline shouldn't happen by any possible means. Klaus has overstayed his welcome in Mystic Falls and fill can more than fill hie big brother's shoes. Apparently they're planning six season for the TVD, so that's why Elena turned at the end of the season. I do think it would be incredibly awesome to see Elena struggle with her transition and failing at fighting the temptation. At this point, I don't think Katherine can ever be placed back in this show as a solid character with a full SL, which makes me incredibly sad. I don't necesarily want Bonnie seduced by dark magic(the comparisons to TSC and Buffy would be endless). I don't know how many of you watched Charmed, but if they ever decide to turn Bonnie evil, I want it to be a willing, conscious choice, handling it like the Dark Phoebe arc in season 4, yes she was corrupted by her baby, but that was a time when Charmed really took morals by the horn. I want the characters of TVD to be more morally grey and not just because they came from sucky family situations.

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Also, I don't know how any of you feel about it, but I really wish TVD did something new with their special effects. All three seasons' special effects have been severly underwhelming and in this day and age, they could do a lot more with it.

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Unfortunately, TVD doesn't have an Aaron Spelling to fund the special effects :) Although, I think it would have been cheaper to make them now, because even a 13 yr old can work a professionally made sony vegas fanvid.

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we enjoy Klaus:

Exhibit A: he's very exceptionally talented actor

Exhibit B: the accent can make your ovaries pop

Exhibit C: he's a very beautiful looking man

Exhibit D: He's a faptastic, really worth fapping while we watch him strut his sexy blonde ass on this show.

Exhibit E: He's a very interesting villain

So, What's not to enjoy?

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