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For those who haven't read it ;


This is actually pretty well described. I don't agree with the grade, nor with the best episode. His 2nd choise "The End of an Affair" is the episode i would call the best of the season.



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Alrady very old. Said prety much all I think about the season in the comments.

End of affair was atrocious. That was a pointless Becky, Steffie, Klaus, Katherine flashback? RIght? Meh. I Despise Becky with all my heart and whole episode was fucking pointless. 

Best character: Caroline. No competition there. THe only relatable and well-developed character on the whole show. Worst Character: Elena. They managed to make her EVEN MORE annoying and EVEN MORE one-dimensional and EVEN BIGGER mary sue. S2 Elena at least had the moment where she stabbed Elijah. S3 Elena is outright annoying and bland and characterless.  Best Episode:I'd say the premiere. Because Klaus was still threatening and Steffie was still not a wussy and there was some real intensity in thinking that Elena should be somehow hidden from Klaus. Not to mention Damon/Elena reminded me a bit of S1 awesomeness when they bonded over steffie.  Worst Episode: The last 5 episodes of the season. Downright horrible and pointless mess of trainwreck plot devices, preictable plot "twists" and horribly bad writing Most Welcome Return:ANna and Pearl. Reminded just how much I used to love this show back in S1.  Most unwelcome return:Rose. NO explanation needed.  Biggest Surprise:That Matt is STILL not killed. Hopes for S4: Get new writers and show-runners. ASAP. Also hire an actual direction instead of letting a janitor run around with a camera, because this show has got to have the worst cinematography on tv ever. From what is being heard about S4 is that its more of S3, but worse. Thank you but no thank you.


Final Grade: F+

Apart from forwood moments(and even those were watered down and Stelenized), this season was, what's the word, oh right...POINTLESS AND DIRECTIONLESS. It consists of a dozen or so of filler episodes that DO NOTHING, of characters randomly introduced for no reason at all and killed off. Was this season of Originals?

Really did not feel that. This season was like a headless chicken running around the farm. IT was 22 episodes of a Benny Hill theme tune playing while characters engage in most pointless and OOC things possible. Writers failed to do anything interesting with Elena, drove the main triangle into the ground to the point that main trio is outright unlikeable and boring. At the same time Klaus and Originals were completely and utterly ruined Was Klaus supposed to be a villain? sorry, missed that bit because of all the house drawings and ponny riding he did while crying for his mommy and father.

The show then took even bigger nosedive with introduction of the entire Original Family of boredom, to the point that watching final episodes of the season felt like being forcefully fed sawdust for 45 minutes. The only way this show sees how to progress ANYTHING in plot or characters is by completely ignoring writing guidelines, logic and common sense.


 The biggest problem with this season was that it was, in its entirety, purely directionless. Stuff happened, and then stuff happened, and then that stuff was made pointless by the next stuff that happens out of nowhere.

The whole season was a huge Benny Hill Chase where they all went "Gee Brain, what are we going to do this night?" at the start of every episode only to end at the same place they began at the end of it.

Whats more, the season RELIED on EVERY character in the cast doing the most utterly illogical and OOC decisions ever, in order to progress the "plot" and most of stuff that was actually INTERESTING and might have added some character development (Tyler's try to break sire bond, Bonnie spending time with her mother) were sacrificed for the love triangle that has not been enjoyable since somewhere mid s2(let's be frank, Elena is a horrible character and both pairings are horribly forced now).

Entire show dragged on. Esther was horribly boring and pointless. Steffie The Ripper did not progress in any way and instead we got EVEN MORE crybaby-sh Steffie and whats more, his whole past got whitewashed and was handled in very underwhelming fashion. Melissa(refusing to call her Meredith) is still utterly pointless and annoying. The Original Family in the end was utterly bland and useless filler and Sage, the character that was hyped so much, ended up being a boring misogynistic love doll of one of originals. And Elena turned into even bigger bland mary sue than she started the season as.

The last few episodes of the season were utterly horrible and predictable, with the twists of Heroes Season Three level of ridiculousness. And then finale topped it all. Finale that was supposed to FINALLY do SOMETHING about Elena's character, wasted time on flashbacks that did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to develop her.

And then the end of finale made this and S2 completely pointless. In fact, they SHOULD HAVE turned Elena in the end of Season One, back then, when fanbase STILL cared about her and did not outright want to strangle her. Back then when we did not have 42165815 vampire turnings that completely took away any shock value Elena's turning might have had. That would have spared us from horror that was TVD S3. 

TVD as it is, went from something exciting to a show I am happy to NEVER ever watch again. 


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he's on his period again

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^ (Y)

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F+ lol. i agree completly the show is very good  not explaining things

they should dig dip in to the civi war and why emily choose damon to protect her line

bonnies dad

one eps without elena that will focus on the other chracters where a scene without "it always gonna be steffy"

or "i care about you " or "i love u but i have to erase your memeory" this show

back in sceason 1 i thought they through every girl to damon cos its kind of his duty to mkae them interesting now they are doing the same shit with elena and caroline which has the most negetive effect!!

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LOLOL. When thinking of the past season, one word comes to mind.......FAIL

There was not ONE outstanding delicious bit in this entire season . We can't even add Caroline/Forwood anymore because we were never in any real doubt about her/thier awesomeness. Everything else

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Meh, even Caroline and Forwood bored me.

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everyone bored me except Kol and Rebekah, and Niklaus

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and Elijah

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