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Everyone knows they are werewolves right? You had to have read the book to infer that but I'm curious to see where they are going with this. Hopefully well get to see an amazing transformation into a wolf from him =) does anyone know when the shows suppose 2 start up again?
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i was thinking about something. Did tyler knows what happend to him? and does he already knows that he is a werewolf?.. his father did he know all this?, so he lived in secret to be a werewolf, and the vampires dosent knew about werewolf at all?

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I hope the writers don't use the "werewolves are the vampires greatest enemy" thing. I've read and watched it to many times.

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does anyone know when the shows suppose 2 start up again?

in september i think 

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I know.Werewovles and vampires hate each other is SO overused.

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But that's the myth...that werewolves and vampires are enemies. Just like the myth that vampires are allergic to garlic, burn in the sun, sleep in coffins...etc...and that werewolves fear the full moon..

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