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"Katherine, evil shadow twin" - that's how one warewolf has described her. What do you think about her? Hate her or love her?

I have to admit, she is charming and there is something about her. Much more interesting than Elena. I like her even though I disliked her so much in the beginning 

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I Love Kathrine! She's a sexy maniputaltive bitch! I hope to see more of her in season three. How will she get out of the house though? Because it would be interesting to see her and Elena kinda face off but overall I love Kathrine! 

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when she first came to mystic falls i hated her. but now i love her. she is my second favourite next to damon. she has funny lines and she is a great bitch. i have to admit that nina dobrev is an amazing actress. and i think katherine is a lot more hotter than elena. it's the hair, the clothes and the  sexy look on her face.

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Meh Katherine is awesome. I hope she dosen't become a part of the gang, like ie. Bonnie or Caroline is, but i hope she have a more central role than Caroline, but not to be trusted as ie. Caroline.

She is sexy ass hell. She have a attitude like no other. She is a selserving psycopath. How can anyone not like her? She is so freaking awesome, and it would almost be a shame to kill her off.

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Caroline can be trusted :\

How can anyone not like her?

Tons of reasons. She makes me like her one minute or sympathize for her, then hate her the next. I'll be surprised if they kill her off though.

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I know Caroline can be trusted. That's what i said?

But now we have it up. Her trust cannot be shaken. She is totally trustable. But if you can trust her with things, i dunno. She have a thing, to mess up and bring people in danger, because her brain is pretty tiny.

Anyway, Katherine is just pure awesomeness. As a character i cannot do anything but love her. 

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Ahh lol, i miss typed that:/

Sorry. What i meant was. I hope her role is bigger than Caroline's, but that she still cannot be trusted.

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I think Katherine is an amazing character. Sure she can be a really big bitch, but who hasn't been one on the show? She does have her humanity left in her somewhere, there are indicators everywhere. She is extrememly misunderstood by everyone. I mean, running from the biggest baddest vampire for 500 years is obviously going to make you more mean and self preserving. I just really hope that she sticks around, she makes the show  enjoyable. But of course you never know with this show, I mean look how Jenna turned out :/

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I love Kat's character... She has so many layers to her and I can understand why she is the way she is (bcuz of all the hardship she has had in her life).... I love her flashbacks esp since they give more insight on who she was be4 she became the person she is now...

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She`s my favorite character. If she died...I dunno. The agony I would feel that day...damn. Katherine is as much of a tortured soul as Damon is, but the difference is, Kat doesnt show emotion. She hides/controls it. She has every reason to be distrustful and self-serving. Can you image knowing that your whole family died BECAUSE OF YOU? And Stefan did say that when you`re a vamp, grief could cripple you.
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