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Hey guys. We've been talking about the different ships for a while now and there is so much more to the VD than that, like the awesome music. On a lighter note, I think this show has the best soundtrack EVER. Here are my favs:

1 Bloodstream - Stateless

2 Down - Jason Walker

3 Breathe again - Sara Bareilles

4 I need to know - Kris Allen

5 We'll be a dream - We the kings

6 Animal - Neon Trees

7 Wires - Athlete

8 In my veins - Andrew Belle

9 Come back when you can - Barcelona

10 Cosmic Love - Florence and the Machine

Which songs do you guys like?

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i love all the songs you said.


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Hi RedOktober:)

Several you named like Bloodstream, Cosmic Love.

Also Holding a Heart by Girl Named Toby, Yet by Switchfoot.

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I totally forgot about "yet" by switchfoot. I LOVE THAT SONG :)

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I love Longest Night - Howie Day

1901 - Phoenix

Holding A Heart - Girl Named Toby

Speakers - Days Difference

Down - Jason Walker

Animal - Neon Trees

We'll be the Dream - The Kings

Take Me To The Riot - Stars

Never Say Never - The Fray

Say All I Need - One Republic

and a lot more that I don't remember right now! :)

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Animal - Neon Trees

Cut - Plumb

All I Need - Within Temptaion

All The Same To Me - Anya Marina

Get Some - Lykke Li

Bloodstream - Stateless

Breathe Again - Sara Bareilles

DLZ - Tv On The Radio

Come Home - One Republic feat. Sara Bareilles

Enjoy The Silence - Anberlin

Amen Omen - Ben Harper

Wonderful Life - Hurts

Stay - Hurts

Broken Strings - James Morrinson

It Is What It Is - Lifehouse

Family Tree - Matthew West

Under My Bed - Meiko

Help, I'm Alive - Metric

Brick By Boring Brick - Paramore

Obsession - Sky Ferreira

Happiness Is Overrated - The Airborne Toxic Event

This Is Beautiful - Tyrone Wells

Vampire Weekend - Giving Up The Gun

Ok, I have a lot of favorite songs....but I agree, TVD has the best soundtrack ever!!!!!! haha

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Cut-Plumb and Ship of fools for the moment..cant remember many at this time and Im too lazy to look for others now..haha

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Bloodstream (Stateless), DLZ (Tv on the radio), Cosmic Love (Florence + the machine) and, most of all, Wires by Athlete!

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Can anyone tell me in what episode was Cosmic Love in, please??? Cause I can't remember it in a TVD episode!!!! haha

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It played in Season 1 episode 11, when Damon and Elena went to Georgia. The epiosde is called "Bloodlines."

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