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What's the scene that always makes you cry??? Your favorite sad scene??

Mine is 2x12, Damon's existential crisis... Damon killing Rose is one of the saddest scenes I've ever seen...but Damon laying in the middle of the road and crying in front of Jessica...was the saddest scene...I always cry in that scene..I just want to hug Damon and say "Everything's gonna be ok, honey, I promise." Damon's existential crisis is my favorite sad scene...

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2x21 when elena was reading John's letter. I cried like a baby, it was so sad.... :(
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Oooh and i also cried in 2x22 when Damon was dying and in 2x14 when Tyler left, almost forgot about that !!!
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1x14 when Bonnie's grandmother died. the was also Leona Lewis's "Run" playing during that scene which made it all the more depressing.

2x12 when Damon killed Rose. one of the saddest scenes on television IMO. I cried like a baby during that scene.

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John Gilberts letter to Elena and the whole funeral made for a tear jerking moment. Also roses death was very sad as well. Especially Damon having to kill her to put her out of her misery.
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Rose's Death Scene/ Dream

John and Jenna's Funeral scene

Elena and Katherine scene in 2x09(Elena blaming herself for everything and Kat looking at her parents picture)

Also when Tyler left. 

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OMFG i have so many

Season 1

When Damon killed Lexie (1x8)

Stefan told Elena he was leaving town to protect her (1x9) 

When Damon found out that Kat wasn't in the Tomb (1x14)

By the Lake when Elena was trying to get Stefan to forgive himself (1x20)

Season 2

Rose's Death (2x12)

Stefan and Elena's official break-up when they both cried (2x6)

Stefan letting Elena go to Klaus on the night of the sacrifice (2x21)

Jenna's death (2x21)

John's letter and funeral scene (2x21)

Also, have you guys noticed that all the great sad scenes are accompanied by GREAT sad songs as well. 

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Yeah skinny love fit so well with the funeral scene!
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Those are all great scenes...I cried with all of them...but if you had to pick only one...which would be your favorite???

I completely agree....all these scenes have great music to go with them...

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