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Sorry if this has been brought up before (it's hard to keep track of the old topics with all the spamming).

So, when Elena told Stefan that she kissed Damon, which kiss was she talking about? the one in s2 finale or when Damon kissed her outside her house (in which she didn't kiss him back - she just stood there frozen)? I don't think Stefan knew about the first one either and Elena was insisting that she only kissed him because she thought he was dying and wanted to say goodbye. if that's the kiss she meant, then she acknowledges that she kissed him because she liked him and not out of pity.

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I meant *old topics

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sorry love

it's hard to decipher cardboard speak

it lacks coherence

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lol "sorry love" you and your klaus language glenna C:

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meh, spike used that speak first.

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I bet you that Spike weren't the first "person" ever to say "sorry love". . .



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I personally don't think Elena considered the first time she kissed Damon a "kiss". I think she saw it more as a goodbye gesture. There was no excuse however for the second kiss. And her saying she kissed him acknowledges she does take responsibility for it and isn't dismissing it. She didn't feel guilty about it either, apparently. 

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AS for the thread question.


Don't bother thinking about that.


If I could figure out how Elena's mind works  I bet I would be having conversations with all the other innanimate objects like that chair, table or that lamp post. 

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I think she had to have meant the recent one.  If she had meant the S2 Finale one, she would have mentioned that she did it because he was dying.  I think from her perspective the confession was about her admitting to Stefan that she did kiss Damon.  It wasn't just something that Damon did.  It was something they both did.  She could have stopped him and didn't.


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Seriously, you really have to go down road Ms. Superstar

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