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What characters would you keep from being killed off? For me it's Damon, Caroline, Elena, Stefan, Tyler and Bonnie. For me these are the main people carrying the story lines.
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I know she is no longer relevant, but my life would end if Katherine died. I`ve loved her since early S1 and my love has grown since then. I didnt even care about TVD until she came along. So yeah, the reason I even watch the show is Katherine. So if she`d die, TVD would have a -1 in their ratings.
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Stefan, Damon, Tyler, Caroline and Elena, I'd say. It's alright if Elena dies and becomes a vampire though, but that would pretty much ruin the show for me.

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Stefan, Damon, Tyler, Caroline and Elena

exactly! It don't want Bonnie or Katherine to die but it wouldn't be too bad..

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The main characters Damon, Elena and Stefan!

But it would also be terrible if Katherine, Tyler, Caroline, Bonnie or Jeremy would die!

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To me it's definitly katherine, stefan, damon, elena, tyler and caroline. Although i do have this feeling that Kat might die by the end of the season. IF she dies it will be tragic but in that case i am really intriged of how the writers will do that. I mean let's face it the girl had a hell of an entrance, so her exit must be just as epic, if not better.
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My untouchables would be (in no particular order): Damon, Elena, Stefan, Caroline, Tyler, Katherine. I wouldn't like Bonnie or Jeremy to die either, but I wouldn't be AS crushed. @Bella *, I REALLY hope Katherine doesn't die, but I've read that some people think she is the one that will die.

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the main trio Elena, Stefan, Damon for obvious reasons. and then Caroline, Tyler, Katherine. although I could live if Kat died but it would be really sad - she's the most awesome, self-confident, witty bitch in the TV history.

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Mine: Damon, Katherine, I hope they will not kill Klaus soon. I am starting to love him on twitter and his past work. and of course TEAM FORWOOD! 

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Caroline, Tyler, Stefan, Damon, Katherine and Elena.

I would still watch if Kat died though, but if the ANY of the others previously listed died, then I couldn't see myself still watching TBH.

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